Digging: how much fun I'm having, even though I'm also working hard at the same time. Taking little breaks to make sure I throw the ball for Bamboo or take both of these guys for a walk is vital to my overall happiness and productivity. I am also digging making videos. Even though the process takes a long time, it's become an obsession. In the same way I used to think of things to include in blog posts, I am feeling energized to show you cool stuff in videos. Here's the latest one on YouTube where I show you how I use the We R Memory Keepers Evolution and my dies

Not Digging: the gloomy weather even though I know we need the rain. I'd rather just have it rain a bunch and not be so gray.

Drinking: water as usual. I'm pretty boring like that. Although I did go through a phase of craving beer + Clamato together, a simple version of a michelada. It sounds kinda gross at first, but if you like tomato juice, bloody mary's and don't mind beer, this cocktail is quite refreshing.

Eating: I made linguine with shrimp and mussels for dinner last night mainly because we had all of the ingredients (except for black olives, which I am not a huge fan of anyway), and it turned out SO good. Still trying to figure out how JC and I managed to consume the entire thing even though it says 6 servings, but perhaps I didn't measure everything correctly. In any case, it was delicious and we used the green flat noodles from Trader Joes. I'm also snacking a ton. Yesterday I ate almost an entire container of Stax. Thinking I need to try another recipe out of Super Paleo Snacks soon.

Watching: We finished The Jinx last month, and OMG I highly recommend not reading anything about it and just starting the first episode. There are only 6 episodes (or what they call chapters) and it's one of the most riveting things I have ever seen. We've just started Togetherness and find it funny and entertaining. We've been fans of Mark Duplass for a while now and also recently watched the movie, The One I Love, which took us 3 nights to watch because we have been so tired lately. It was good, but I had to stop watching it on night 2 because JC fell asleep and I got scared.

Reading: The Rosie Effect, which I checked out from the library. I loved The Rosie Project so I am thinking I will actually finish this book before the due date. Also just started A Curious Mind and I I've still been taking my time with Creative Confidence

Listening: to Wheels on The Bus radio for Jack and podcasts from Tim Ferriss and The Good Life Project.

Feeling: excited about summer and the projects I'm taking on for work. Also feeling it big time for creative collaborations. Yeehaw.

Weather: not wanting to complain about this topic, but see "Not digging" above.

Wanting: some equipment to make the video process a bit more streamlined.

Needing: a real pedicure, not just one I do on my own. And while I'm at it about self-care, I;m overdue for a massage.

Wishing: I could figure out the best way to tell a little secret.

Hoping: I can continue to feel less scared and courageous about sharing the more personal things both on this blog and in videos. Thank you for your amazing comments in yesterday's post.

Thinking: I need to do these currently posts more often, at least once a month. The last time I did one was in February.

Enjoying: every minute with Jack. He's 20 months old and delights us in so many ways. The day he turned 19 months, he suddenly developed an interest in the little potty that's been in his bathroom for many months. I sat him on it and he went pee! My mom has been holding him over the toilet since his first birthday. And about 50% of the time he would actually go. Then the percentage started to go up. It's one of those crazy things where I was just about to start researching potty training, but thankful he's kind of doing it on his own. He still wears diapers as I am not completely ready for him to be out of them (mainly because the window of time between when he tells me he needs to go and we actually get to the potty is still not long enough for when we're in public). So yes, it's kind of weird that the one thing I am enjoying has to do with toilets.

Loving: life right now. Seriously.