Watch My New Show, 'Design On Time'!

I have some really exciting news, today I’m launching an all new show on my YouTube channel. It’s called 'Design On Time' and you can see the first episode below.

The show is a collaboration with Jamie Waters (who many of you know) and singer/songwriter Tudor Williams (who many of you will love as soon as you see the first episode).  We’ve actually finished three episodes already and we’re having so much fun making this that I couldn’t wait any longer to share it with all of you. Special thanks to our first guest challenger, my dear friend Kelly Purkey!

The idea is that each week one of our friends will challenge us to make something using three random things.  These ’things’ can range from techniques (like a sewing machine), to words (like “STRETCH") to random objects (like cupcake wrappers).  The fun is we don’t know what these “things” will be until they are revealed right before we start the show, and then we have just fifteen minutes to incorporate them into a creative project.  Special thanks to our first three challengers, Kelly PurkeyAudrey Woollen from Urbanic Paper Boutique, and Jennifer McGuire, who all said yes to being part of our experiment without any hesitation.

So HOW did this show come about? It all started with two questions.

  1. What do people ask us most?  Most of the questions that both Jamie and I get over email and social media are around people asking us how we do what we do. So we know any video we make should go about answering these types of questions.  This kind of video is often referred to as a "maker” video.
  2. What kind of video would we want to see?  Our answer, videos that combine process and technique with personality and fun.  We want to learn and be entertained.  We’ve kept each video short and sweet (under 5 minutes) because we assume like us, you’re busy and easily distracted too!

From these answers, Design On Time was born! So WHY did we make this show?

In the spirit of our first project together, The Creative Handbook, we wanted to find a way to engage, inspire and challenge our community. This is a show made for all of you, and we want you to be a part of it so we designed it to allow for two great ways to get involved.

1. All the 'things' that get selected are readily available, specifically so you can pick up the baton and join us every week. Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and make something new. And you can do it in just 15 minutes!*

2. Guest Challenger: every week one of our friends will be our featured challenger. Our producer will be scouring the comments section on YouTube to find future guest challengers.  We want to spotlight our community so challengers are not only featured on the actual episode, but we share links to their websites/blogs/instagram as well!

* For anyone who doubts they can follow along, we present guest host Tudor Williams.  A complete novice to design and “crafting”, he will be joining us for every episode.

We plan on releasing a new episode weekly, for as long as we feel you all are having fun and getting something from them.  In this early stage, we are asking for your help in the following ways:

- Please send us feedback.  What do you like?  How can we make this the best show possible? Comment in the YouTube stream and we’ll keep tweaking the show format to give you what you want!

- Be a superfan and help spread the word.  Share links to the videos or embed them on your blogs, Facebook newsfeed, tweet them, Instagram your takes on the challenges with the hashtag #designontime and tag @jamiewaters and @amytangerine.  We’ll be on the look out for the ultimate superfans and will be gifting them with SWAG as we go along.

We thank you for your help and feedback in advance!

Design On Time team

On behalf of the entire crew, we invite you to check out the first episode and then get to making something with this week's three random things.  Oh and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss any of the upcoming episodes!  

UPDATED after many requests to see the finished projects:

Design on Time layouts by Jamie Waters and Amy Tangerine