Amy Tangerine currents list

Digging: being home for the most of February and having family in town. My new fitbit charge, since it's been a while since my Nike Fuelband died.

Not Digging: accidentally dropping and shattering one of the vases we got from the flea market.

Drinking: water mainly. An update from the last time I did one of these lists, I am now enjoying kale in my smoothies. And Jack won't even drink a smoothie anymore unless it's green in color.

Eating: a good balance of food from restaurants and our kitchen. Enjoying our family dinners and learning to cook simple yet delicious recipes. Most of the ones I love are from tearing out pages from Real Simple magazine. Also trying to be healthy and enjoying treats that were sent by Landria, the author of Super Paleo Snacks.

Watching: Youtube videos by Casey Neistat because he is absolutely amazing. I love his story. All of his stories actually. This one in particular really inspired and touched me.

Reading: Beautiful Ruins, but I'm not sure I can finish before it's due back at the library. I've been taking my time with Creative Confidence. I've also recently finished The Rosie Project and Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?! and LOVED them both.

Listening: to podcasts like Smart Passive Income, Elise Gets Crafty, and The Lively Show.

Feeling: energized and inspired during the day and then usually exhausted in the evenings.

Weather: SO NICE.

Wanting: an Apple monitor to hook up my laptop so I can get more out of the FREE Craftsy eGuides. Right now there are a couple that I really want to peruse like eGuide: Beginner's Guide to the World of Watercolor and eGuide: Understanding Exposure for Better Photos Now: Beginner Photography Tutorials.

Needing: a monitor of some kind so my neck doesn't hurt so much from being on my laptop.

Wishing: it was easier to make videos (it's just so time-consuming!)

Hoping: I can get everything set up for being gone for most of March.

Thinking: you should come see me (and all the amazing creatives) at Craftcation Conference! Early bird registration ends on Feb 20!

Enjoying: every minute with Jack. He's 17 months old today! At the moment, he is obsessed with airplanes, trucks and buses. He loves interacting and responding to questions about animal sounds. What does the sheep say? BAAH. What does the horse say? NAY. What does the snake say? SSSSS. What does the cat say? Meow Meow? And he finally started responding correctly when we ask him what a dog says (he used to say dog dog), but now he says, WUF WUF.

Loving: all your sweet comments on any platform - especially on Instagram.  It seems like there's more chatter over on there than on this blog. But I am determined to keep up with this even though this post has taken me an hour to finish. Oy.