Collaboration with Melanie Ham!


Love the idea of collaborations, but especially ones for my YouTube channel! Been trying to work out a schedule so that I can actually try and do at least one every other month! I've gotten quite a few requests for different kinds of videos. Many people have asked to see videos for beginners, as a lot of folks feel overwhelmed and just don't know where to start when it comes to scrapbooking. My friend Melanie Ham, came to the studio - the photo above was snapped as we wrapped up and I was helping her take stuff to her car. We worked on getting her started with some scrapbook pages in this video.

We also filmed a bit for Melanie's YouTube channel while she was over and I am just so blown away by the results of the project. She is amazing and love that she made this projects really simple (she just used two fat quarters - you know, those lovely folded up fabrics at the fabric store) yet completely customizable based on what tools you want to put in it! Check out her video here.

I am totally blown away at how awesome this thing is, I just love carrying it around with me. I should actually film some of the reactions to seeing this because it's really priceless. Both crafters and non-crafters have been so in awe of it!

Amy Tangerine tool kit roll up by Melanie Ham
Amy Tangerine and Melanie Ham

And that's a wrap! Have a wonderful weekend!