On The Daily

Typically when I get overwhelmed and busy and haven’t prepared blog posts in advance, I feel a mixture of guilt/anxiety/pressure. It usually lingers for a while as I go about other work that takes priority, and then the day flies by and I realize it’s 5pm and probably too late to get a post up. Well I decided to try and remove some of that unnecessary guilt and ickiness that I inevitably have put on myself. I mean, are you all super disappointed when you don’t see a blog post from me every single weekday? Well, don’t answer that. Or maybe DO answer it for me and tell me in the comments. I realize it’s really important that I get feedback. Blog posts take me longer than I think they should sometimes (I have been writing and re-writing this for 20 minutes already), so sometimes it gets put on the back burner if I feel like no one will really care except for me. But maybe that’s not the case, as I have received numerous comments and emails saying how much you enjoy my posts and how they resonate with you. I know there are a lot of people reading this on other devices and everyone’s busy, so there’s hardly any time to leave comments. I totally get it. Please know I read every single comment even though I don’t have time to respond to each one. They do brighten my day!

So my plan for this year is to still try and get blog posts to you each weekday if possible. The content will range, as it always has, but the difference is that I want your help in holding me accountable. I’ve already got a way of banishing the Monday blues (hopefully) figured out and now just 4 other days to fill times 52. Should be pretty easy, right? To help me along, I’ve got this Day Designer that I plan on filling out and even sharing with you all on a regular basis. I’ve added some personalized touches and am excited to go back to using a paper planner, as it has been years. I am still going to be highly dependent on my google calendar, but I think they both serve similar purposes in different formats. Now I’ve been working on this post for 30 minutes, but I want to say that I appreciate you all reading and following along on this random journey.

On another note, if you’re wanting to see the random things I’m doing, I am now on Snapchat as amy_tangerine. It has taken me a long time to sign up and apparently someone else decided to take the name without the underscore, which would have been my first choice. Oh well. I am late to the game because I used to think it was just a crazy way for teenagers to send inappropriate photos to one another. Well it turns out it is that, but more! After a few discussions with trusted sources (you can see one of those people who happens to be a famous director/producer in my December Daily video), I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try it out. Also I was compelled with learning aboutstories on Snapchat. Although I prefer you not send me naked photos,  you can send me (amy_tangerine) snaps and see My Story as I post silliness throughout the day. I’ve really enjoyed following friends and caseyneistat. Oh and if you have any tips on who you like following and what you like seeing on snapchat, please let me know! I’ll definitely be snapping away at CHA this weekend. Back to the studio!