brand new bike

amy tangerine My first beach cruiser was purchased when I moved to LA in 2003. Her name was Pinky, and yes she was pink. She lived outside for about 5 years in Santa Monica and then about 5 years in Venice. After lots of use, I decided to retire her to a friend's place last year when we bought our house. I knew I wanted to get a new bike when Jack and I could go for rides, so in August we walked into our local bike shop, Chubby's and fell in love with this Biria and the Co-Pilot. After reading many reviews about the installation of the seat online, I decided to leave it to the experts and paid just $30 to have it professionally done.amy tangerine- biria bikes amy tangerine- biria bikes amy tangerine- biria bikes amy tangerine- biria bikesIt's harder than it looks riding with a little one in the back. I feel like I am 10 again (though I didn't wear a helmet back then), just riding up and down our street over and over again. But Jack seems to dig it and is quite the perfect co-pilot.

Now we just need a name for the bike and I refuse to follow the pattern to call her Creamy. Ideas?