The Parker Palm Springs

The last time we were at The Parker in Palm Springs was when I was 10 weeks pregnant and feeling extremely tired (and apparently looking it too, as evidenced in these photos). This time around, we left LA right after tubby time for Jack around 8:20pm, picked up Del Taco and made it in less than 2 and half hours. Though Jack slept most of the car ride, he woke right up and got a bit confused when we pulled up to the hotel. He wasn't fussy or anything so after we got to our room and figured he wouldn't go to sleep right away even though it was 11pm, we took him to the bar. Just kidding. JC and I were exhausted and Jack was full of energy pulling items out of the diaper bag. Thankfully, just before midnight, we all were able to go to sleep. 

We had breakfast at Norma's - FYI, they don't have a kids menu. And though I haven't ordered anything from the kids menu for him yet, I am guessing most people like the selections because they are simple, well-priced items that their kids will eat. Well, it turns out our guy likes an egg with cheese on it, yogurt, and some fruit - and all of that can add up to a pretty penny. Basically it's the equivalent of 3 very hungry adults when we go out to eat with him. But it was good and I suppose worth it. We were only at the hotel for one night, as we moved to a rental house shared with 2 other couples for the rest of Labor Day weekend. Til next time, Parker!