Love Seriously tutorial with Shanna

I am kind of seriously in love with the sentiment foam thickers from the Plus One line and EVERY thought in me is to hoard them forever. Then I realized the next best thing was to use them in a home decor project that I would see every single day... and would make me smile! Our local craft store has these fun wood slices and I have a couple around the house, never sure exactly what to do with them... just that I love them! Then I had a thought to use them with those foam sentiment thickers I adore! So I gathered all my supplies including black spray paint and some washi tape for masking! Love Seriously tutorial by Shanna | Amy TangerineI used a thin washi tape to go around the edge and then a larger washi tape to cover up the sides of the wood. Once I had both in place I rolled up the edge of the washi tape that I was using as a mask so that it would create a organic line rather than the jagged line the washi created in the circle. Love Seriously tutorial by Shanna | Amy TangerineLove Seriously tutorial by Shanna | Amy TangerineFrom there I looked over the sentiments I have on my sheet and loved the thought of having a sign that read "love seriously". You know because love isn't always easy, breezy beautiful cover girl. Sometimes you have to work at love, and in this house it is something I strive for! What I love about these is because they are foam you can form them how you want, and I curved them a bit so they worked in the circle easier.Love Seriously tutorial by Shanna | Amy TangerineI brought my project outside to spray paint. My tips for spray painting is to take it slow, you can do as many layers as it takes. Go from left to right spraying over the whole project then stop. Then from top to bottom covering the whole project then stop. You don't want to just spray in a continuous spray because it will get drippy and no one wants that! Once you have decided it good coverage let it just sit.Love Seriously tutorial by Shanna | Amy TangerineAllow to dry as long as humanly possible (or before your curiousity kills you) in my case... about 5 mins. I used a brad setter to help me peel up the thickers without touching the fresh paint. Again, taking it slow. Peel off washi and use a paint brush to touch up any black spray paint you may need to. Stand in awe of your awesome new project!!Love Seriously tutorial by Shanna | Amy TangerineFrom here I used picture wire and a drill to make two loops on the back to hold it up with my favorite ribbon. Then I looked for the perfect place to hang it! You know..... the place you walk by 500 times a day!!Love Seriously tutorial by Shanna | Amy TangerineSeriously fun! Hope you all are inspired by this project by Shanna as much as I am! Other Design Team member posts can be found here. Shop for Plus One at your local scrapbook stores and online at and Simon Says Stamp!