Craftcation wrap up

Yes, it's true, I say it every year after Craftcation Conference, but I will say it again - all you creative/crafty types should try and attend. I will echo much of what I said in this wrap up from 2013. Held in Ventura, CA and going strong for 3 years now, I am humbled to have been a part of it since the beginning. The only difference from years past is that our crew included mommy, Buster, Bamboo and Jack. The hotel is dog friendly and baby friendly, but I still took his bathtub because I am crazy like that and there was plenty of room in my car. Sharing a room proved to only be tricky because of outbursts of barks during naptime. My BFF lives in Ventura and it was so great to see her. And she got to have her Jack fix too. Here are photos taken from my phone of the fun 3 days that I attended. I'll try and do another wrap up posts from my classes taken on my DSLR soon.Yes, that's THE Lisa Congdon holding my rub-ons from my Plus One collection, along with Jack fast asleep in the Ergo. You can read previous Craftcation posts and sign up for the newsletter to find out more about next year's event.