9000+ photos?!

Not sure how it is with all of you, but these days most of my photos are taken on my iPhone 5. I love the ability to take great photos, edit and share them instantly. Since Jack was born, JC set up Photo Stream to share pictures with family. Nearly all of us are iPhone addicts users, so it's great because we don't have to constantly send photos via text or email. Instead, we are able to just put them into albums and people can check them out at their leisure. Notifications come up when photos are added, so then everyone can look at them, like them and comment if inclined.20140311-222450.jpg20140311-222500.jpgAlways looking for great solutions for photos. Now all I need is a proper app to organize and edit (delete) as I am approaching 10,000 pictures! Do you all have a good way of handling and sharing photos that I need to know about? Would love to hear!