13 for 13

Thanks for helping to make it an awesome year. There were so many highlights from this big year (both professionally and personally), so I thought a round up of reflection would be fun.1. This Project Life spread made for Two Peas in a Bucket2. Our little getaway to Palm Springs (where we were actually celebrating being about 10 weeks pregnant!) 3. Being at Craftcation for the second year in a row. I will be there again for Craftcation 2014!4. The big little secret!5. A trip to Hawaii for the little cutie (small tangerine) in my belly.6. Sharing the news with friends - in photos and video.7. Being in Christchurch, New Zealand8. Saying goodbye to our little Venice apartment9. Our babymoon and the book10. Documenting Week in the Life grid style11. My baby shower + the album created there12. The birth of our sweet baby boy, Jack 13. The Story of Us when Jack was 7 weeks old Looking forward to sharing even more with you all in 2014! If there are any particular posts you are drawn to, please share in the comments. Or if you have any questions, ask away!