Let's go to: Palm Springs

Hoping to get back to Palm Springs sometime this fall when the weather is much cooler than the 100+ degrees we experienced at the end of July.  Staying at The Ace Hotel and eating at King's Highway were definite highlights. We had the fanciest bagel & lox ever and tried chilaquiles for the first time. Delicious. We got up early and got some chairs in both the sun and shade and near the misters. There were lots of towels down, but not too many people.Around 10am, the DJ came on and so did the crowds. The pool was quite the scene, with many females wearing heels and wedges that only made them look like complete fashion victims as they struggled to take them off when entering the pool and putting them back on when they got out. I found the whole thing to be a bit humorous. Personally, I loved that my $10 flip flops were super low maintenance and kept my feet from feeling the hot pavement just fine. PS. We Love You.