CHOOSING not to complain

On the morning I had to wake up and report for jury duty back in January, I felt like I needed to set the tone for the day. I had never been chosen for a jury before, but the idea of missing work to sit in a room downtown with a bunch of strangers all day long wasn't the most appealing thought. My original summons actually called me in at the beginning of September 2013, which was just a couple weeks before Jack was due. I turned in an excuse (I really did not want to go into labor in a courthouse and I'm sure no one else would have wanted that either). Then they sent me another summons when Jack was about 5 months old. I was still nursing, so I turned in another excuse. Then they sent me another request when Jack was about 11 months old and I called them and actually got to speak to someone! I told her I was still nursing and wouldn't be able to come in again. Well, she explained that it was too late (I don't remember the exact details), but I had to write something on the summons and mail it in. And she said the next time I got something in the mail from them I couldn't make an excuse unless I physically went downtown to the courthouse. 

After reading this bit of wisdom, I looked at myself in the mirror while brushing my teeth the morning I was called in and thought to myself, "I will not complain for the next 24 hours." I made this promise to myself and made sure to pack my bag with everything I needed to keep myself stimulated for the day. I brought 2 books with me, a blank journal and also my Kauai Travelers Notebook. I chose not to take my laptop because I wasn't confident in the available wifi and I didn't want that to be something I could possibly complain or feel frustrated over. I was all set with my bag, the only thing I should have packed... my iPhone charger! (Lesson learned!)

I parked under the building and arrived with plenty of time to go through security. I found a seat in the jury waiting room at 8:25am (my summons said to be there at 8:30). About 10 minutes later, a guy near me received a phone call. He was speaking pretty loudly in Mandarin Chinese, which is a language I understand. It was not an interesting conversation to me, but one that I could hear loud and clear. So I took a deep breath and put my headphones in. At 9am, a woman got on the microphone. She answered some questions and made some announcements (you can use your cell phones, but if you receive or need to make a call, please take it outside in the hallway and not in the jury waiting room). She went over our lunch break, which was from 12-1:30. After we heard a pep talk from a judge and watched a video about our wonderful judicial system and how important our role as potential jurors were, I felt even better about sitting there. I thought to myself, "if I were accused of something, I would want a jury consisting of smart, honest, hard-working people." We were instructed to just hang out in the room until our names were called. So there I was, hanging out and then a short time later, the guy near me received another phone call. I thought hard about how I was feeling a bit annoyed that he couldn't simply follow instructions and walk outside the room and take his call. I got up and wandered around a bit and discovered a magazine rack and thought about how I would handle him if he was still on the phone when I returned to my chair.


It turned out that I didn't have to say anything to him (I swear I would have done it kindly) because he was not longer talking on the phone, but probably texting. It was awesome and then I read some magazines from over a year ago and passed the time. I texted Jamie to let her know that I get a lunch break and we had talked about possibly meeting up for lunch since she wasn't too far away. Well at 11:30 we got dismissed for lunch!  She came and picked me up and we went to one of her favorite Ramen places (which is now one of my favorites too!). Then we grabbed boba tea and she dropped me back off.


The rest of the afternoon was a bit uneventful. I stayed in the waiting room and at 3:30 they announced that if the last courtroom didn't need a jury, then we would be excused. This means I wouldn't be called back as a potential juror for another year. Then sure enough, 5 minutes later, they called about 24 people and there were just 2 people they didn't call. We left the waiting room and then lined up outside in the hallway. We were given a number (mine was 9) and called into a courtroom. The judge was a woman and she explained some things to us and let us go around 4:30pm with instructions to return the next morning as jury selection would begin then.

I left and decided to stop by Michael Levine to grab some fabrics, and while I was there, a friend suggested since I was downtown already, that I should meet her at the Lexus Club at Staples for dinner at 6:30 and then stay for the Clippers game. How fun! So I got my fabrics and then had some time to kill, so I walked around and stumbled upon a super cute store called Pale Violet. I tried on some things that were on sale, but the only thing that looked great happened to be a full-priced dress in the perfect blue color. I pretty much had to get it. As I was checking out, I also spotted a fun statement necklace. Even though I could probably make one very similar, that wasn't going to happen before the game.


My seats were spectacular, just 7 rows behind Jay-Z and Beyonce. And yes, they looked very happy. You can maybe even spot them in the photo - she has WHITE on the back of her jacket. The Clippers ended up winning big. It was a jam-packed day full of fun - even the waiting around in the jury room part!

So basically the moral of the story is that not complaining for the entire day gets rewarded by hanging out with Jay and Bey. LOL. Just kidding, however, I do think there is some powerful synchronicity that happens when you make a decision to stay positive and choose not to complain for the day. Perhaps you'll try it and let me know if anything fun happens?

Design On Time 02, featuring Audrey Woollen from Urbanic

As you've heard mentioned on this blog numerous times, Urbanic is one of my favorite stores. So when the owner, Audrey Woollen agreed to be on this week's episode of Design On Time, Jamie and I were thrilled. Our producer advised her to challenge us with items we normally wouldn't use on our scrapbook layouts. She chose twine, confetti, and mini clothes pins, and you can watch below or click here to see how we made these items work.

When we developed Design On Time we had three goals in mind (1) inspire our community to "make stuff and make stuff happen" (2) share the joy we feel when we are crafting - even when we only have 15 minutes to do so (3) boost our rap careers. Okay, if you've watched the first two episodes all the way through you've no doubt seen us rap, I'm sure you'll agree our rap careers may be a long shot, but judging from all the wonderful feedback and comments posted to our youtube account, we feel like we have accomplished the first two goals!

For all of you who asked, here are last week's finished layouts, which have also been added to the original blog post.

Design On Time layouts

And here are this week's finished layouts.

Design On Time layouts

Thanks again to this week's guest challenger, Audrey Woollen. For those who haven't visited Urbanic Paper Boutique in Venice, be sure to check it out. Such a cute store and I love her blog too!

Last but not least, Nina Christensen, you are this week's lucky YouTube commenter, we've made you something special. Email us for details!

And for all those who missed Kelly Purkey's challenge, you can find it right here

Thanks again for tuning in, if you like what you see, want to see more or have an idea for a future challenge, be sure to leave us a comment here or on YouTube!  And if Design On Time has inspired you to make something this week, please share your work with us using the hashtag #designontime.

Motivational Monday

Happy Monday! First, apologies for skipping last week. Planning on figuring out a way to make it up to you. Second, I'm just wondering why no one called me out on it. ;)

Of course being busy is something I've been used to for a while, and I'm sure many of you feel the same way. So to lighten the overwhelm slightly, I've found a quote that reminds me we are capable of so much more than we even know. Hope it resonates with you too.


Hope to continue spreading more motivation for each of your Mondays this year using this watercolor set from Michaels and a brush that says Royal 2 on it (can’t remember where it’s from, sorry!). I also found some alternative watercolor options – Colortopia Watercolor Set | this one | and this one. If you have a favorite quote – snarky, silly, or simple in its’ wisdom, please share in the comments!

Back from Australia for 3 days, now off to Ventura!


I got back from Australia on Monday and was pretty jet lagged for a couple days. For some reason, I thought it would be better to watch 3 movies and the first 5 episodes of Orange Is the New Black instead of actually sleeping on the red eye. I think I may have gotten a total of 45 minutes rest and could barely keep my eyes open most of Monday. Though it didn't stop me from working Monday afternoon (after a tiny nap on the sofa) and all day in the studio on Tuesday. Yesterday was extremely productive, though the to-do list remains extremely long. And today we're off to Craftcation! You can read all the posts from before about the awesome conference in my previous blog posts.

One of my favorite parts of being at Craftcation is meeting the amazing people. I met Tiffany Han years ago, and it was such a pleasure chatting with her on her podcast, Raise Your Hand Say Yes! Excited to give her a hug in person soon.

Jack and his airplane suitcase

Ok, some last minute packing and arrangements. Apparently Jack's all packed up and ready to go with his suitcase. Though he's an awesome traveler, I am SO glad we are not getting on a plane, and just piling the car up for our road trip to Ventura. ! I'll be Instagramming and posting on Snapchat (username: amy_tangerine) if you want to follow along. If you're at Craftcation, please introduce yourself. And if you're not, perhaps you'll consider attending next year!

Meet me in the sunshine - Free Printable!

amy tangerine | meet me in the sunshine
Inspiration Wall

Been enjoying the extra sunshine that spring brings for the past couple days. With the added bonus sunlight in the late afternoon, I decided to make a little video showing how I freshened up the inspiration wall in my studio. In celebration of the launch of Rise & Shine, my latest collection with American Crafts, we created two free printables. You can get the other one on the AC blog.

I shot this video on my iPhone 6 using Time-Lapse. The light was just perfect and I was listening to Free To Love by Tudor Williams on repeat. Also it's worth noting that I am SO happy with all of the feedback and excitement for the announcement of Design On Time. Thank you all for watching and realizing that somehow rapping and scrapping do indeed go together!

To get your free "meet me in the sunshine" printable, click here.

We would love to see it hanging in your space, so if you decide to share on Instagram, please use the hashtag, #ATRiseandShine. Or link up in the comments. Enjoy!