Oh Darling!


The best thing about attending the Darling Magazine retreat with Alaska Airlines in Maui wasn’t the incredible weather or gorgeous scenery. Those things were definitely worthwhile, too, but it was actually the amazing sense of community I experienced while I was there that took my breath away. All the women were focused on being present and mindful in the moment, which made teaching a little workshop even more special. As always, watching people get creative and crafty while in paradise. I love seeing what people do with different products and how they choose to express themselves creatively. We used a mix of my Shine On Collection and Sunshine & Good Times. We also used the Instax Share Printer so everyone had images to include in their traveler’s notebooks. All the attendees were given a copy of Craft a Life You Love in their gift bags.

One of the most memorable moments happened after the workshop was winding down. As I was cleaning up, a gentleman came to me and thanked me for asking everyone to close their eyes and go through the mindfulness meditation. He works at the Four Seasons and thought it was wonderful to watch and witness, since he so often sees people rushing around or on their phones constantly and being distracted instead of enjoying the world around them. 


Stay Sweet!

Amy Tangerine Stay Sweet

Sometimes, the sweetest gift you can give yourself is a little extra love 💗 However you’re spending this Valentine’s Day, be sure to hold onto hope, love, and positivity. It isn’t all just about sweet treats and beautiful cards. Take some time to show yourself a little love and appreciation. Celebrate the amazing person that you are and do something that you truly enjoy! I’ll be scrapbooking with Stay Sweet.

Amy Tangerine Stay Sweet

What did you do for Valentine’s Day? I just cooked a favorite dish for JC, Jack and my in-laws. So romantic, right?! 😆

Amy Tangerine Stay Sweet

YAY!! My Stay Sweet collection is now available, which means the travel watercolor set could be yours!! Go visit a local scrapbook store near you and shop online here.

Also the Dream Box has been a wonderful addition to the studio and if you’re looking to get $100 off any furniture from The Original Scrapbox - you’re in the right place! Just click here.

Let's Start Today

Let's Start Today | Amy Tangerine

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There’s no time like the present to set intentions and begin living the life you’ve always wanted. Sure, most people waited until the beginning of the year to make resolutions that will likely have already gone to the wayside by now. And if you’re one of those people, that is totally ok. We have all been through that. I used to make grand changes at the start of a birthday or new year as well, only to be left feeling discouraged and disappointed. Changing my outlook and the way I set my goals has allowed me to not only achieve them, but to also create a meaningful life with less stress and more hope for the future.

Looking back on the habits and practices that have helped me along a path to aligning my visions to create my best life, I have witnessed a through line that has become evident and clear. When I dove deep years ago to uncover my purpose and calling, to make the world a better place by doing what I love and embracing my creativity, I didn’t think I was quite ready to take on the huge task of immediately living on those terms because it felt like an uncharted path. It was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time... In times of introspection and through journaling, I was able to bring clarity to specific areas of my life that were truly important. I began with those areas and asked myself to honestly answer the questions that helped give direction to my creative journey. I even shared my personal and professional struggles in my self published book, Craft a Life You Love, which then got picked up by a major publisher. I developed exercises for self-care, positive mindset and the simple ability to make things happen and the evidence was shown that big goals are achievable when you put the work in.

Throughout my life, I have found that there are three areas where I need both stability and freedom to grow: 1) My family 2) My finances 3) My dreams. As long as those three things are in order, I know I’ll be able to tackle any challenges or changes that come my way. Finding harmony more-so than balance has become a priority. While all three of these categories are important, finances can be particularly tricky because everyone’s journey with money is a little different and it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. Thankfully, there are a number of awesome resources available. No matter where you are financially, it’s never too late to start setting smart, attainable goals for yourself. I recommend that you take some time to write down your dreams, plans or goals—no matter what they are—and then focus in on key areas where you need the most growth. Maybe all of this seems completely overwhelming.

I recommend looking at LetsStartToday.com for a wide variety of resources that can help you along your journey. Perhaps start with one of classes provided by State Farm, especially “Budgeting 101” if you really don’t know where to start. In the course, a State Farm agent and financial coaches even talk about how goal setting is one of the most important things you can do to get your money matters in order. You could even begin by writing down one little thing you can do to get you closer to where you would like to be.

Plans change and life can be full of unexpected twists and turns, so having these key areas in focus, and being intentional about doing something each and every day to bring happiness and harmony, gives me a sense of well-being.

I’ll dive deeper into each of these areas and share the key questions I ask myself in a blog post next month. 

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Very Exciting Collaboration Announcement with Erin Condren!

Erin Condren X Amy Tangerine

I’ve got nothing but love for this amazing and inspiring lady. And I am beyond thrilled to let you in on the secret we have been keeping for some time. We’ve collaborated to launch a fresh and fun debut collection of clear stamps! EEEK! Check out this little video. We cannot wait to see what you create.

3 Reasons to Try Pipsticks’ Sticker Subscription


Collaboration alert! The sticker love is real here in the studio. I love using stickers in almost every project I work on and one of my favorite things is having stickers that fit the spread or project I’m working on perfectly. Of course, that requires a steady supply of stickers. That’s where Pipsticks comes in. Pipsticks, if you don’t already know them, is a sticker subscription company that sends you new, beautiful, fun stickers every month and I am incredibly excited to announce that I collaborated with them on three of the sticker sheets included in this month’s pack of stickers! Maybe you’ve never heard of Pipsticks before or maybe you’re a long-time fan, but either way, I wanted to share three reasons I think you should try out the subscription to kick off a new year of paper crafting. Also, be sure to read until the end for information about an awesome giveaway opportunity!

  1. I collaborated with Pipsticks on some of the sticker sheets this month and they are super cute and versatile. My writing shows up on three very different sheets of stickers. One features beautiful holographic hearts in bright colors and various sizes. The other has handwritten phrases that focused on positivity, community, and love. The third is way more practical but it’s for you planners and bullet journalists out there– a black and white matte sheet of days of the week stickers. Whether you prefer simple, minimal layouts or colorful sticker-laden spreads, there’s a little something here for everyone.

  2. Pipsticks isn’t just any subscription service. The stickers themselves are incredibly beautiful and unique, but there’s much more to it than just getting a package once a month. It’s truly a community. There are raffles, creative challenges, and a little magazine included in each package that features interviews, sneak peeks at the next month’s stickers and You can get 15% off your first three months of the subscription with the code AMYTAN15.

  3. These stickers are incredibly unique and you won’t be able to find anything like them elsewhere: snow tigers, sparkly florals, and worried-looking sushi rolls. Some are matte, others glossy and all are absolutely gorgeous.


GIVEAWAY INFORMATION! Up for grabs is this amazing January Pro subscription pack! To kick off the collaboration, Pipsticks is hosting an awesome giveaway, giving you the chance to win some super-rad prizes from both @AMYTANGERINE and Pipsticks! Here’s what you’ll win:

* Denim Tote Bag * PIPSTICKS Sticker Collection Book * Craft a Life You Love, by Amy Tangerine * Amy Tangerine Journal Kit * 8 sheets of Amy Tangerine Stickers * 1 sheet of Amy Tangerine Puffy Stickers * 4 cactus pens * Amy Tangerine Sticker Flakes * 4 colorful iron on patches* XXXL Washi Tape

GIVEAWAY ENDS IN 3 DAYS! Enter on the Pipsticks blog.

Hopefully, I’ve inspired you to give Pipsticks a try (use AMYTAN15 for 15% off your first 3 months!) and spread the sticker love a little more in 2019. What kinds of stickers do you like to use in your paper crafts?