Make It In May

Paige Evans Heart Fancy Free page kit

SUPPLIES: Paige Evans' Fancy Free page kit | Gold DIY Shop American Crafts Mini Stapler | Precision Pen | American Crafts Sticky Thumb Adhesives

Thought about doing a new series on YouTube where we make creative projects together throughout the month of May. Filmed the first one and I am not sure how many we will actually get to making, but I have been feeling really inspired and motivated as of late and want to show you all kinds of DIY's and projects. The first one is using Paige Evans' new page kit with Pink Paislee. Here's the video

Would love to hear your ideas on other projects we can work on together. Let me know in the comments below! Can you believe it's National Scrapbook Day this Saturday? I've got another cool video coming for you then, so you'll be the first to know about it if you're subscribed to my channel.

April Favorites video

Put together a Favorites video - the last one I did was in January! It has been a heck of a few months, so I guess that's why. I promise to put one of these together every month. It seems like many of you are enjoying them. Although I don't like to address the negativity on the internet, it seems like this video had a lot of quick thumbs downs right away. It was as if some people who are subscribers were notified the video went live and then watched it and didn't like it. I try not to go down the rabbit hole of questioning what they didn't like about it - if I don't like a video, I simply don't watch it. But I guess that's just me! Also, if there's some constructive criticism I could use for improving my videos, I always welcome those. I was having an audio and lighting issue as we were getting adjusted to the new studio, and there were a couple comments on that - which I absolutely appreciated! I try and abide by this philosophy and this one is awesome too.

Good Life guest

Amy Tangerine guest

When Becky Higgins asked me to be a guest on the "good life" series on her blog, I was honored. I spent longer than I would like to admit on the post as I kept going in different directions. I wanted to try and keep it short and sweet, but ended up opening up a bit more than I've done before on the internet, so you may find out things you didn't know. So grateful for all that Becky has done and continues to do for the scrapbooking/memory keeping industry. Here's the post.

Oh May Goodness

Amy Tangerine | Oh May Goodness - beautiful brush script + styling

Is anyone else in total disbelief that it's already May?! Sure, they say time flies when you're having fun, but even with some bumps and not-so-good things that happened in April, I think the months are just zooming right by. If you're curious as to how I shot this (I love behind the scenes stuff myself, which is why you could follow along on Snapchat amy_tangerine as I share a lot there). After I scripted it using these watercolors and stealing flowers sent from Mixbook (I have a custom card and address label collaboration with them) I set it up on the floor by the large window and took about 6 photos.

Amy Tangerine | Oh May Goodness - beautiful brush script + styling
Amy Tangerine | Oh May Goodness - beautiful brush script + styling
Amy Tangerine | Oh May Goodness - beautiful brush script + styling

I didn't, of course, include my toes. All photos taken on iPhone 6. To see more on how I edit my Instagram photos, check out this video.

Vegas Uncork’d

Last week I had the honor of attending Vegas Uncork'd at Border Grill in downtown LA. Chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger cooked up an AMAZING Latin-inspired feast, complete with tequila tastings! it was such a treat to be able to interact with the chefs and be able to hear their personal stories on not only how they created the menu but also how they got to where they are today! Very inspiring.

Photos by Jace Lumley

Not the best thumbnail but I went with it for this video. Wish I were going to Vegas for the actual event, but maybe next year... who's with me?  Hope you have a wonderful and delicious weekend!