My article for the Huffington Post!

Cute beach shot of father and son - JC and Jack

While on vacation last month in Myrtle Beach, I got an assignment from the Huffington Post. (Umm, how cool is that?!) I was very, very excited. It was a challenge I was a little unsure about at first though, but I thought turning down a writing opportunity with them wouldn't be the best idea. Instead of mulling it over too much, I responded yes. So excited the article is up on Huffington Post now! It's my take on attempting a 48 hour digital detox. Would love if you could spread the word and share it on Facebook and Twitter!

hello vacation
Group photo Myrtle Beach

I also captured the experience on video (which turned out to be a little long, but I have heard feedback from many of you saying that you enjoy the longer videos, so yay) and it's up on YouTube here

Would love to hear any thoughts on how you stay present and manage screen time in the comments!!

I donut know what to do...

Donut coloring page

How adorable is this coloring by @lamardescrap? I just love the colors she used and how fun and fresh it is. Love seeing what all you share under #amytangerine on Instagram - there are over 22,000 photos!

Lately I have found myself in an interesting place where I am super busy (and happy) but slightly overwhelmed. Okay, maybe a little more than slightly. I am trying to stay focused while still infusing fun and creativity into my everyday. I'm trying to inspire and put out regular content on my YouTube channel, Instagram feed and trying to get better at Facebook. Social media feels like a full-time job alone. 

So I am in a strange place and I am not sure how to describe it. I'm very happy and grateful and feeling more inspired than ever. Collaborations of all kinds keep coming my way. But I am thinking I need to pull back on a few projects and only focus my time and energy on a couple big ones for the rest of the year. There are classes on the schedule that I will be traveling to teach for and I have plenty of client scrapbooks to keep me and my team busy for the res of 2016. Yet there are opportunities that keep popping up that I want to say yes to. But I don't want to crash and burn and feel like I've let people down. Sorry to be slightly vague as there are some cool things in the works and I am not great at saying no to things, but it's all getting to be a little too much lately. I have heard good things about virtual assistants but I have no idea how to even approach that. Plus I am a people person - will I even like having someone work with me who I haven't ever met in person? I try and keep a good head on my shoulders by doing the things that energize me. I think I've found a pretty decent work out routine that I am loving which includes running a couple days a week and both yoga and Soul Cycle once a week. It can be hectic making time for these things but I know my health is a priority. Creative projects have been going well and we are loving the feedback and enthusiasm for our online brush lettering course we've worked so hard to put together.

Blowing Bubbles | Amy Tangerine in Cat & Jack skirt

Anyway, I just wanted to keep you all posted on what's happening around here. I'd love if I could just keep things fun and lighthearted all the time. And if I could pull off wearing skirts from the kids section more than just for this fun photo taken by Alishylishy, I would. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on how you deal with feeling overwhelmed and if you have tips on staying focused!

Hero Arts Blog Hop!

It seems way too early to be working on December and holiday crafts, but with the way summer has flown by, the holidays will be here before we know it.  Hero Arts launched their Winter release and I'm part of a blog hop with lots of creatives and three prizes up for grabs to celebrate. I wanted to catch up on my December Daily albums and make some new cards to get somewhat of a head start on this year's.

Are all of you going to do Ali Edwards' December Daily project? My plan is to not buy too many new holiday supplies and just use what I have, but we shall see how that goes. I do plan on keeping it simple and using my Canon Selphy CP900 for most of the printing of the photos again.  All supplies are linked below. As you probably already know, I am working on making more videos,  so I shot the whole process of making these on my Canon G7X and posted it here. Would love if you subscribed to my YouTube channel and also be sure to check out all the other awesome crafters who are part of this blog hop! There's a chance to win one of three $25 shopping sprees - if you visit and comment on all of the blog posts. The winners will be drawn from comments left across all blogs in the hop. Please comment by Sunday, August 28 at 11:59pm PT and we'll announce the winner the following week. 

New Days of the Week Stamp

Amy Tangerine planner stamp

Pretty sure this is the tiniest that my brush lettering can get. As far as rotary stamps go, I figured this would pair nicely with a regular date stamp for all you planner lovers out there. Love playing around with my new stamp from Oh Happy Life. Going to try and film a planner video for you soon as it has been too long! Most of my planner spreads in my Day Designer have been not so good looking lately, but I am working towards making something more share-worthy soon. Decorating just makes mundane tasks seem more delightful, don't you think? Find all the supplies below.

Trying Tombows

Safe to say I have a new marker obsession! I need a lot of practice with these Tombows, but trying them out has been really fun. This is from a manifesto I originally wrote out in 2014 and is one of the first #ATmotivationalmonday posts.

Coloring is totally fun with these markers but I need some more practice scripting with the brush side of it. You can see how this quote came together in this video. And you can get the free printable by signing up for my newsletter here!