Zinia's Colorful Pattern Strips

Hello everyone, it’s Zinia here and today I’d like to share with you a layout I created using thin colorful strips of pattern paper from Amy's Shine On Collection.

Colorful Pattern Strips

I absolutely adore working with stripes, especially when we are talking about pattern paper. I love mixing colors and patterns in fun ways while working with simple and fun shapes.

Since I wanted my strips to be very thin, I chose to work from my Shine On 6x6 Paper Pad, however you can totally use your 12x12 paper scraps for this design. You can even use carstock scraps in rainbow order for a super bright and colorful result!

Colorful Pattern Strips

So anyway, back to the 6x6 pad, I picked out patterns in all the different colors that are featured in the collection and cut them down to the thinnest strips that my paper cutter could handle.

Before I started adhering my strips, I wanted to add a little something to break the white background, so I pulled out a couple Color Shine sprays and added some messy splatters all over the page. I made sure to let my splatters dry for a few minutes so I won’t risk smudging the color and then I went back to my paper strips.

Colorful Pattern Strips

I didn’t really overthink the order of the colors and patterns, I just made sure to spread them as evenly as possible. To do that, I just stuck my strips one pattern at a time so all the pieces of the same design are far from each other.

Colorful Pattern Strips

When all the strips were in place, I created a little cluster using some of my favorite ephemera pieces from the collection. I used one of the journaling pieces as a border around my photo  and also added a few stickers as well as one of the adorable leather bows.

Zinia's Colorful Pattern Strips

I really hope you enjoyed this page, until next time, happy crafting.

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Violeta's Somos Scrap Layout


As always it is great to be here in Amy Tangerine’s blog to show you a new scrapbooking project.


I have made a very funny layout, using different elements from different collections of Amy Tangerine. It is so cool that I can combine papers and embellishments of the different collections. 

For this layout I have used a white cardstock paper and I have made a composition where I combine mint, pink and yellow. 

This time I have used a picture with the shape of a 3 inches circle that I have cut. I have put it in the center of the layout. Around the picture I have added different leaves that I have cut from different papers of Amy Tangerine. 


For the title of this project I have combined different letters of materials and sizes. And as a decorative element I have used some transparent stickers in yellow and pink tones. I love this color combination!


I love making layouts with different and daring compositions like this one I’ve made. I encourage you to make a layout or a mini album using one or more circular pictures. You can create loads of combinations using geometric shapes in your scrapbooking projects. 


I hope you’ve liked this layout and if you have any question leave in the comments section below! See you soon!

Violeta Scrap

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Zinia's Monochromatic Layout

Hello everyone, it’s Zinia here and today I’d like to share with you a monochromatic layout I created using the beautiful Shine On collection by Amy and American Crafts.

Monochromatic Layout

This collection is full of gorgeous colors as well as a bunch of amazing neutral elements. I decided to embrace the kraft and gold elements from the collection and create a monochromatic layout design.

Since most of the pattern papers are full of amazing colors, I decided to work on a white piece of cardstock and focus on the embellishments.

Monochromatic Layout

To make my background a bit more interesting, I grabbed some Mermaid Markers in neutral colors and doodled some rings around the page. I felt that the circles will match beautifully with the circular flower designs that are included in the collection.

I created a cluster of floral images on kraft paper to create a cozy bed for my photo, making sure there’s a lot of the design showing around the edges as I didn’t want to cover it up.

Monochromatic Layout

Then I picked some of the clear stickers from the sticker book and spread them around for more lovely details. I really love how the white clear stickers sit on top of the rings I painted with my markers, making them pop against the darker colors.

Other than that, I kept my design very minimal as I wanted to embrace the whole black and white/neutral spirit without added clutter.

Monochromatic Layout

Of course you can recreate this design with any colors you love but I’d highly recommend that you give these neutral elements a chance and allow them to be the stars of your creations.

Zinia's Monochromatic

I really hope you enjoyed this page, until next time, happy crafting.

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You can find the entire Shine On collection here.

Zinia's Mosaic Squares

Hello everyone, it’s Zinia here once again and today I’d like to share with you a really fun and colorful page using Amy’s latest collection, Shine On!

Zinia's Mosaic Squares 2

hen I first started scrapbooking I was mostly focusing on embellishments for all my layouts and didn’t really embrace the beauty of pattern paper. Since then a lot of things have changed but I know there are a lot of people out there that scrapbook like I did before.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about scrapbooking focusing on embellishments if that’s what you want but if you are just worried that paper-focused designs are more time consuming I have a really quick and easy design to share with you.

Zinia's Mosaic Squares 4

First step is to pick your patterns. If you don’t want to spend time searching for the perfect color/pattern combination, just use papers from a single collection and they will coordinate together perfectly.

Then the only thing you need to do is to use your paper trimmer to cut 1x1” squares. I personally find that the quickest way to do this is to cut 1” strips using a trimmer and then just snip each strip with a pair of scissors.

Zinia's Mosaic Squares 5.jpg

Once the squares are all cut, use your favorite adhesive and just stick them randomly on the page. This design works great on white background but it’s even more exciting on color cardstock.

After the squares are adhered on the page, the only things that’s left to do is add a few embellishments. I just added some small bits on top of a few of the squares so that the design doesn’t get overwhelming. For my title I just used the front half of the gorgeous shaped cards that come in this collection to add a huge“yay”on my page. This is really such a genius item and a really hope we will see more word-shaped cards in future collections.

Zinia's Mosaic Squares 3

So that’s it for today. I really hope you enjoyed this page and that you will give it a go with your favorite sheets of pattern paper.

Zinia's Mosaic Squares 1

Until next time, happy crafting.

- Zinia

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Violeta's Folder Scrapbook


I am thrilled to be here again in Amy’s blog sharing my scrapbooking projects.

Home Decor -  Violeta Scrap_0.jpg

I have created a very simple folder to store my scrapbook layouts, also you can store scrapbook papers and other materials in this folder.


Home Decor -  Violeta Scrap_1.jpg

To make this folder you only need cardboard of 12x12 inches, a cardboard of 3x12 inches and two more cardboards of 2x12 inches.


Home Decor -  Violeta Scrap_2.jpg

You only have to place the first cardboard of 12x12 inches, then, the cardboard of 2x12 inches, and after that another cardboard of 12x12 inches and then the cardboard of 2x12 inches and lastly the cardboard of 3x12 inches.

Home Decor -  Violeta Scrap_3.jpg

The 12x12 cardboard pieces will be glued with a 12x12 paper on each side. We will unite the rest of the cardboard pieces with some scrap paper stripes. In this case from the last collection of Amy Tangerine, “Sunshine & Good Times”. The paper stripes should be a bit wider than the cardboard size so they can be glued to the other pieces.

Home Decor -  Violeta Scrap_4.jpg

That way we will have a simple folder with only one flap. To close the folder we are going to use some paper clips and to decorate the folder we are going to use some pompoms from the “Sunshine & Good Times” collection because they are very funny.

Home Decor -  Violeta Scrap_5.jpg

Finally, using some Thickers we will place the word “Happy” and the word “Scrap” so we know that it is the folder for our scrapbook materials.

It is very easy to make this folder, you only have to use some cardboard and cover them with your favorite scrapbook papers, no doubt Amy Tangerine’s ones are perfect!

Violeta Scrap


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Thanks so much for sharing this layout with us, Violeta! Other Design Team member posts can be found here. Shop Sunshine and Good Times at your local retailer or online at Scrapbook.com and Simon Says Stamp.