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Amy Tangerine

My bullet journal has become more of a memory keeping device than I had originally planned, but I think I like it. We got so many requests for our months stamp, so we put it along with the alphabet set you see here and a brand new set called Be Kind

We also have my latest collection, Hustle & Heart, in the shop.

Amy Tangerine
Amy Tangerine
Amy Tangerine

To quickly and easily print these cute photos of Jack, I used my mint Prynt Pocket

Amy Tangerine
Amy Tangerine

For the memories that need a place to live that take up more room than in my planner, I still use traveler's notebook to document those. Love that my Prynt Pocket is so accessible and that the quality of the sticker prints is the best I have seen of any Zink printer! All of this goodness can be found in our shop! What are you planning on making this week? 

Bullet Journaling Feature on Craft Industry Alliance!

Bullet Journaling - Ombre stamping

Recently, I was interviewed about bullet journaling for a blog post on! The CIA (no, not that one!) is a wonderful community and an excellent resource for craft professionals, so I was excited to answer some of their questions about one of my absolute favorite topics.

We discussed the flexibility of the bullet journal and the wealth of products out there that are designed to help creative people construct their own custom planners. I even recommended some of my favorites to get you started! I didn't mention my stamps in the article, but you can grab ones that I love using from my shop.

The post also features a bunch more bullet journaling experts including Ryder Carroll himself, the creator of the Bullet Journal! To read the article and learn a little more about bullet journaling, click here.

If you’re as into bullet journaling as I am, leave a comment below telling us your best advice to someone who might want to start! That way, if anyone reading is new to the whole craze and maybe a little overwhelmed, they can read the comments for some help! 

April Bullet Journal Q&A

Over on my Instagram account, I asked if you had any Bullet Journal-related questions and a bunch of people sent these in! (If you’re not already following along there, I’m @amytangerine. I would love to see you there too!) For my full answers and a look at how I set up my April bullet journal spreads, watch my latest Plan With Me video.

@meandmybutton asked: What are your thoughts on planning ahead? How many days and weeks do you prepare in advance?

Well, quite honestly, because I use my Google Calendar for set deadlines and meetings, I really only plan one or two weeks out in advance in my bullet journal. I like that I can always reference my google calendar on my laptop, my computer, or my phone so that reduces how much I need to write in my planner. I’ve found that combining analog with digital and using each for different kinds of tasks and plans works well for me and makes planning ahead less overwhelming.

@letteringbyusha asked: I would love to know where you get your inspiration from and what supplies you’ve been loving!

My inspiration really just comes from my mood at the time when I’m setting up these weekly spreads! As I’m working in my bullet journal, I go with what feels right and what I decide to do in the moment. I find that it helps to remind myself that I don’t have to decorate every page if I’m not feeling inspired as I’m working on it.


Here are the supplies I’ve been using in my bullet journal recently that are still available! 

Yellow Journal | Pilot G2 Pens | Tombow Brush 96 Pens Set | Tombow Glue and Adhesive | On A Whim products | All The Things pouch | Craft Tote Illustrated Faith | Illustrated Faith Black Ink | Washi Tape Illustrated Faith | My Brush Letter Alphabet stamps | Washi Tape | Roller Date Stamp | Acrylic Blocks | Sweet Stamp Shop

Another thing that’s really great about the bullet journal system is that you can make it whatever you want it to be and use whatever you have on hand. For that reason, I actually used a bunch of old supplies that aren’t available anymore when I was working on this month’s spreads! 

@rrrrachely asked: “What do you recommend when you have a full to-do list and you are not sure where to begin?”

To be honest with you, productivity has been something that I have had to keep at the forefront of my mind because I’ve had my own business since I graduated from college. I’ve tried many different systems that have worked for me throughout that time, but one of my favorites was the Get To Work Book. That particular system was really good for me because it provides room for three to-do list items that are the most important.

What I learned through using that system is that even if you dread those three important things, tackling them first thing helps you to get that out of the way so that you can do more fun stuff. For that reason, I really try to prioritize those three tasks.

Sometimes, I also set up little reward systems to encourage myself to finish my work! If I get those hard things done, then I’ll allow myself a little reward and do something that’s just for me. Whatever that thing that you love doing is, you can use it to reward yourself. You could get a manicure or a massage, go for a walk, or even create some art for no reason at all. I found that the system of incentivizing the tougher tasks really works for me.

@milafeijoo asked: “How do you figure out the spacing of your days ahead of time?” 

Monday and Tuesday are usually my busiest days, so I’ve learned to leave the most space in the beginning of the week.

Sometimes, I add a section on my weekly spread that I title, “This Week”. That gives me a place where I can really highlight the priorities that stand out for the week and I can make sure there’s space to write those important tasks because they aren’t divided up by day. Then, I can write the smaller tasks and to-dos on each individual day. Because that extra section takes most of the weight, I usually don’t have to worry that I’ll fill up a day and run out of space for more tasks.

This works better for me because sometimes, things carry over for multiple days. If I am really doing it the “bullet journal way” where I’m constantly migrating the same task over and over again, I find that I prefer to keep that task in one spot for the whole week.

This is a good time to mention that there are really no set rules with this system. I like that when something in the basic system doesn’t work for me, I can adjust it! That’s just one example of how I’ve changed the system to make more sense for my working style.

@cindykwaldron asked: “Do you use one planner for all aspects of your life or do you use a couple different planners for family, business, personal, etc?”

I only use this one planner for all areas of my life. I’m personally just better at keeping everything in one place where I can pay the most attention to it and keep it up to date.

That’s it for today’s answers! If you have any more questions about bullet journaling that you’d like to hear me answer in a future Plan With Me video, leave them in the comments below!

Here is the full video where you can see how I’ve been filling out my bullet journal and hear more about my creative process.

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. I receive a small percentage of sales at no cost to you. My creative partners and I really appreciate your continued support and every little bit helps me to bring you consistent content!

Plan With Me March

Bullet Journal Video | Amy Tangerine

Hello friends! I have a new Plan With Me video featuring my Bullet Journal up on my YouTube channel and I think it's my favorite one yet! I strayed a bit from my previous grayscale and black and white phase. Oh and I usually don't care too much about stamp ink bleed through, but I found an amazing ink pad that doesn't bleed through and I am in love. I would just recommend ample drying time. I incorporated a lot of color this time (thank you, Tombow pens!) and I introduced lots of collage elements, as well. Let me know what you think!

I'm heading out to PlannerCon today - have a wonderful weekend!

Plan With Me

Colorful bullet journal!

Another full week in the books 💛
I added color in my bullet journal (more on it in this post) and now I am not sure how I feel about it. You can see when it was mostly grayscale in my Plan With Me video. After I posted on Instagram I realize that I am not alone in needing to change things up. Do any of you feel the same way? Even though my bullet journal journey is just beginning, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment and commitment even though I am just one month in. Sometimes it's hard for me to stick with daily things and even harder to stay motivated. I have decided that in order for me to keep it fresh, fun and functional, every once in a while I will need to change things up. In fact, I have already decided what I want to try next for March! Would love to know your thoughts!