DIY Bus T-Shirt

DIY Bus T-Shirt | Amy Tangerine

As much as I didn't want to go too crazy for Jack's 2nd birthday party this weekend, I may have already gone a bit overboard. We didn't do printed invites, but we did send out a Paperless Post with an awesome card that Ann-Marie designed. Although I didn't share anything from his first birthday, I plan on sharing photos and maybe even do a video of the backyard festivities. On the invitation, we have this yellow bus. It's kind of a "wheels on the bus" theme party, because he sings that song at least 10 times a day. The bus icon will be appearing throughout the party. We had planned on stitching him a shirt to wear, but being a bit pressed for time, I decided to do something a bit easier.

I finally got my Silhouette Cameo out of the box for the first time (I still do love my Silhouette SD from many years ago!). I loaded it up with the yellow flocking fabric that comes with the Heat Transfer Starter Kit. The image needs to be reversed and the white-ish side needs to be face up.

DIY Bus T-Shirt | Amy Tangerine
DIY Bus T-Shirt | Amy Tangerine

I trimmed around the design and peeled away the outer parts as well as the inner bits, basically taking everything away that wasn't going to be pressed onto the tee shirt.

DIY Bus T-Shirt | Amy Tangerine

I recently replaced my old heat press from 2002 when I first started my tee shirt collection. It's 13 years old and still works, and I will probably just sell it on craigslist or donate it to a school if that's a possibility. I'm going to be collaborating with Pro World Inc on a series of posts and fun things, so stay tuned about those details coming soon! Pro World Inc suggested their TransPro 15x15 heat press, so that is what I decided to get. I let it heat up to 350 degrees and then pre-pressed my garment for 10 seconds.

DIY Bus T-Shirt | Amy Tangerine
DIY Bus T-Shirt | Amy Tangerine

After getting the placement just where I wanted it to be, I pressed it down again, this time for 20 seconds. It takes a bit of muscle to get it to lock firmly, but then you are free to let go of the handle until it beeps.

DIY Bus T-Shirt | Amy Tangerine

Once it cooled down, I peeled off the clear transfer

DIY Bus T-Shirt | Amy Tangerine
DIY Bus T-Shirt | Amy Tangerine

Love the results and can't wait for Jack to wear this shirt all through the town!

If you could design your own shirt, what would you put on it? I am dreaming up lots of ideas these days for DIY projects, and maybe even a video. Let me know your ideas in the comments. If your idea is chosen, I will make it and send it to you!

custom tees for Gracie's birthday

Love getting email requests for custom shirts from scrapbookers who have fun ideas they want to turn into reality. For Gracie's first birthday, Vanessa asked us to make 3 tees. Vanessa's husband is a great sport and we made the Minnie Mouse shirt for him as masculine as possible. I suppose it was actually Mickey since he didn't get a bow. As much fun as it is to create these, the best part is seeing the photos and smiling faces. Thanks for sharing these, Vanessa!

cute little assistants

A sweet client from Canada ordered a few shirts from us and sent them as gifts. These cuties are not brother and sister, but boyfriend and girlfriend. How precious is that?!Photo by Still Frames Photography. Onesies available in our shop and on Etsy.

rainbows and superheroes

The only thing better than getting great custom tee requests is actually getting to see them on our fantastic clients.

photos from Stephanie Howell's rainbow party for Sadie's 4th birthday

Susan's Halloween costumes - we made Robin and Wonder Woman's tees.

oh boy!

Some cute photos of little guys in our tees.

Amy B photography

For a few days, The Mini Social has some of our shirts available on their adorable site. Perhaps this makes it a good time to get a head start on your holiday shopping for the little boys (and girls) in your life.

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