spring cleaning + creating outside

In an effort to make more room for new crafty supplies, I am doing a major purge. And like so many others in the scrapbooking world, I have packed up 10 Priority Mail boxes jammed full of old supplies. Each box is $40 inclusive of Priority Mail shipping. Sorry - US addresses only for this batch. You can purchase them on my website right here. This part of the post will disappear once the boxes are all gone. And I will also have more space to bring in new crafty supplies, so thanks for your help! Wow, thanks so much for your help. If you've missed out, no worries as I will be listing another group next week, on Monday, June 12th at 4pm Pacific time.I laughed out loud when I first saw this and couldn't resist posting the comic strip on Instagram. Coincidentally enough, the topic of being creative outdoors is what we talked about on this Paperclipping Roundtable. Love the tips discussed and hope it inspires you to take some supplies outside with you. And hopefully you won't get bonked by some sneaky little squirrels.

week 6 + paperclipping roundtable

Week 6 and yes, same story - keeping it simple and still loving it (and the desk remains a mess). Threw in the Day in the Life page protector right in the middle of this week.

The Be Optimistic postcard by Keep Calm Gallery was sent in a cute little package from Jamaica, the person, not the place. And I know it's kind of strange, but I had to put the feathers that have been in my hair since August in the little pocket. I am not quite sure why the feathers manage to stay with me for so long since most people lose them in 6-8 weeks. I had a dreadlock forming that was a bit worrisome, so I took some pliers and removed the little clasp holding everything in. Then happily I only lost minimal hair while trying to comb out the knots with my fingers + conditioner in the shower.

If you're in Beverly Hills, looking for a sweet restaurant, Tagine is my recommendation. JC and I went with another couple and we all did the Tasting Menu. It was fantastic. We didn't get a glimpse of part-owner, Ryan Gosling because he's in Thailand, but really enjoyed this tucked away gem on Robertson. It was too dark for photos, but trust me, the food tasted as good as it looked.

The last photo is what we got at the Farmer's Market in Santa Monica. Although I got all excited about finding a pomelo (what looks like a huge grapefruit), it wasn't nearly as juicy or sweet as the ones I had in Thailand in December. The kale soup JC made on Sunday was delicious as usual.

Yesterday I recorded my first appearance on Paper Clipping Roundtable. I had a great time chatting with everyone and the 90 minutes really did go by quickly, as Stacy points out at the end. Elle's Studio tags are my pick of the week, as they are perfect for various paper crafts, especially Project Life. Plus they're super cute, which you'll hear me say more than once if you listen to episode 102.