a photo challenge

Last week I forgot to announce a winner for the Big Idea Festival kit, but here is the lucky one:
Linnea said... What a beautiful kit! I just pulled out my scrapbooking stuff again...I'm a year behind and could use the cute new things for motivation! Love it. Thanks for the giveaway!

July 26, 2011 5:47 PM
Congrats Linnea! Please email me your address- amy(at)amytangerine(dot)com and we will be sure to get your kit to you!
Joining in on the fun with Oh So Lovely and the 30 Day Photo Challenge.
And here's the photo taken yesterday at the beach using Pocketbooth:

If you follow me on twitter, you will have already read this tweet from Saturday: "Someone who's not usually clumsy got her camera strap caught on a knob & dropped it & broke her lens. Not the best start to a week of vacay." So there you have it, I have been unable to use my D90 and have been challenged to capture photos thru my iPod touch. It hasn't been too much of a hindrance, but enough to have made me choose to purchase a new lens on Amazon and have it shipped to Sea Isle City. I debated it for quite some time and chose to get the basic $129 lens (18-55) and for just $3.99 overnight shipping thanks to Prime, the decision became clear. So it should arrive today and though it wasn't the photo challenge I was expecting to do, I think the outcome will be just fine.

As much as I love vacations, I have to admit that what I love more is being able to work a bit while on vacation. Seems silly, but it's just overall more relaxing for me to know I can allot a couple hours a day to getting stuff done, than to have it all pile up for when I return.

So thankful to be able to hang out with JC & his family on the Jersey Shore (yes, that is where we are and no, it's nothing like the show... so far).