DIY Happy Spring Card - Easy Watercolor Resist Technique

I know it's been Spring for some time now, but I couldn't resist showing you how to make a pretty watercolor greeting card that uses a super easy technique. You can use it to write anything you’d like, but mine is going to say, “Happy Spring!”. 

Watch this tutorial video to see how I made this lovely springtime card using a easy resist technique! 

1. Paint your message onto the card using Pebeo Drawing Gum, which is a masking fluid. 

Whatever you paint with this will stay white as long as you make sure that you have enough coverage. Feel free to add any other little details as well - I painted some little flowers to fill in some of the blank space!

2. Let it dry. 

I let mine sit for about 20 minutes until the drawing gum was dry to the touch.

3. Paint over the whole card.

I used horizontal strokes and an ombre effect by blending the colors together, but you can do this any way you want. As long as you’ve covered the whole design from earlier and choose colors that aren’t too close to white, your message should be readable. I mostly just played with the paints until I liked the way it looked!

4. Once the paint has dried, remove the Pebeo Drawing Gum with an eraser. 

Gently rub the eraser on your design so the masking fluid comes off. Take your time peeling it off if you’re a perfectionist; mine stuck to the paper in a few places whenever I rushed too much.

My favorite part is getting to see the resist effect taking shape as you remove the drawing gum. It’s kind of therapeutic! And once you’ve finished, you’ll be left with a lovely watercolor resist card.

What I love about this project is that it’s so simple, you can really just have fun and enjoy the process! I hope that you do too. If you’re inspired to make a card using this technique, be sure to tag it #amytangerine on Instagram. I’ll choose some of my favorites to feature in a future blog post! 

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Scrapbook layouts using customizable stickers

DIY Stickers with Amy Tangerine + Avery

It's been a while since I have shown you some scrapbook pages. Funny thing because it's definitely still a passion and we make them on a regular basis for clients, I just haven't done a 12x12 page for myself lately. I've partnered with Avery once again to show you how simple it is to create stickers. Personalized stickers are fun and easy to make! I used their easy-to-use design software, Avery Design & Print Online  and I've created free downloads so you can print at home. I decided to combine my brush lettering with a simple font for a couple of the designs. You can also add a name easily and there's a video walking you through the process step by step. The easiest way to get started at Avery Design & Print Online is to enter your product number. In this case it was 41570 - White Adhesive Flags. Creating a free account allows you to save your projects and access it from any computer. 

Free printable stickers

Here's a peek at how we created the stickers that you can customize with any name you'd like:

After downloading the free .avery files at the bottom of this post, you'll be able to open them and customize. To open them in, go to "Open a Saved Projects from My Computer" and choose the downloaded file. The designs will already be there with the names, but you can simply change the text to whatever you'd like. Unless you happen to have a need for all of these names - that would be some kind of coincidence! I printed them out on my HP Envy 7645 by putting the sheet into the 4x6 photo tray. So easy. Then I used them, along with the other Avery stickers (all linked below) for a client's scrapbook page featuring artwork as well as a layout for Jack with his first time using scissors.

Love that we can document our children's creativity and showcase it in a colorful and fun way. You can also see how this scrapbook layout came together in this video.

These would be great to put on all kinds of paper projects, not just scrapbook layouts. Thanks to Avery for sponsoring this post. You can find the free downloads below. If you happen to use these, please use #fangerine and #amytangerine - would love to see the projects on social media.

FREE DOWNLOADS:  You Are My Sunshine | Hello Beautiful | Squares - Pink | Squares - Yellow

(Remember to open them in, go to "Open a Saved Projects from My Computer" and choose the downloaded file.)

Easy Letterpress at home tutorial

We R Memory Keepers Letterpress Tutorial Using Amy Tangerine Plates

Call me crazy, but I really didn't want to even try letterpress at home because I didn't want to get hooked on another crafty obsession. But I caved once I saw the Starter Kit (it comes with gorgeous plates). I also loved the fact that it could be used with the Evolution that I already had. I couldn't resist the temptation any longer, especially since I now have my own co-branded letterpress plates with We R Memory Keepers! Ann-Marie and I experimented with mixing colors after I had already messed up a couple times on a little video we shot for my YouTube channel.

We R Memory Keepers Letterpress Tutorial Using Amy Tangerine Plates
We R Memory Keepers Letterpress Tutorial Using Amy Tangerine Plates
We R Memory Keepers Letterpress Tutorial Using Amy Tangerine Plates
We R Memory Keepers Letterpress Tutorial Using Amy Tangerine Plates
We R Memory Keepers Letterpress Tutorial Using Amy Tangerine Plates
We R Memory Keepers Letterpress Tutorial Using Amy Tangerine Plates

Love the ombre effect and I am excited to play around with it some more.

Supplies: We R Memory Keepers Evolution | Letterpress Starter Kit | Amy Tangerine Letterpress plates | Watercolor set | Brush | Fiskars 12-inch paper trimmer

What do you think? Have you tried letterpress at home too? If you have any tips and tricks, I would love to hear it!

Paper Gems

How to Make Paper Gems

As it turns out, most of my paper crafting experience has resulted in flat projects. Flat in a flattering way, meaning 2D, not 3D. When I was in Utah a couple months ago, I couldn't resist the draw of the photo on the cover of the instructions for Paper Gems. I knew immediately that I wanted to use the papers from my Rise & Shine collection and turn them into these glorious 3-dimensional delights. With Jamie's help, along with a pencil, scissors and glue, we followed the instructions in the We R Memory Keepers Triangle Score Guide and used the Trim & Score Board 

How to Make Paper Gems
How to Make Paper Gems
How to Make Paper Gems
How to Make Paper Gems
How to Make Paper Gems

Supplies: We R Memory Keepers Triangle Score Guide | Trim & Score Board | Rise & Shine papers | Cutter Bee scissors | Tombow liquid glue

We think they turned out colorful and cute! Of course I am just now thinking of this as I am typing, but these would be fun to go along with a little gift tag with the phrase, "Aren't you a gem?!" We are hoping to do more 3D paper projects now that we've tried this. Have you made these gems or any other cool things with patterned papers?

Scrapbook Albums That Rock

Use a record to create a cool scrapbook album!

Turn old records into the covers of your scrapbook albums. It's easy and fun! It makes for a cool personalized album that can contain pages that go along with the theme of the record if you'd like. I blogged about doing this years ago and thought it would be nice to update showing a video of the process. I also showed four albums that I made years ago which have old scrapbook pages in them. I love that this project is low-cost yet high on the cool factor. You can usually find neat records in thrift shops and garage sales. For this album I plan on putting travel related pages inside as I have basically given up on storing my pages chronologically. Because I didn't want to spray Super 77 as I had done with the previous albums, I used super sticky red tape and it turns out to be a great alternative! Enjoy the video and if you have any questions, feel free to ask away!

Supplies: American Crafts 12x12 D-Ring Modern AlbumSuper Sticky Red Tape | Super Sticky Red Tape 1/2 inch As an alternative, you could also use a spray adhesive like Super 77 | Fiskars Scissors