33 While 33

With each birthday, I find myself reflecting on the previous year, usually in awe of how quickly it flew by while somewhat saddened by how old I am getting. Part of the journey of aging is to appreciate truly living. Making these lists of accomplishments - some small, some big, make me feel a bit more at ease as I get whisked into blowing out another candle on the birthday cake. My 30 while 30 list and 32 while 32 list makes me realize that my thirties have truly been the best years of my life.1. Went to my 6th continent: Africa. 2. Met some amazingly talented people on my travels. 3. Released Sketchbook & Ready Set Go with American Crafts. 4. Visited New Zealand for the first time.5. Got a Nike Fuelband & hit my goal (3000) most days. 6. Carried the same amykathryn handbag the whole year, along with the same iPhone 4S. 7. Cuddled a koala.8. Posted lots of Instagrams. 9. Watched & loved Seasons 1 & 2 of Downtown Abbey. And nearly all the seasons of Breaking Bad. Oh SO good. 10. Got press on Target's online magazine, A Bullseye View. 11. Did 6 months of Project Life. 12. Fed a kangaroo & a baby elephant. (Adult elephant pictured below-they eat the banana whole, peel and all!)13. Shot a little segment for national TV - TBS. 14. Played golf for the first time and liked it.15. Did physical therapy for my knee. 16. Had clients take me to Phuket and Kona. (photo from volunteering in a Phuket orphanage)17. Visited 17 Spotlight stores. 18. Went on a safari. (It was unbelievably amazing.)19. Changed back to a middle part for my hair for the first time in over 8 years. 20. Was a guest on 3 episodes on Paperclipping Roundtable. 21. Played a lot of Scramble With Friends. 22. Completed a "catch" on the trapeze. 23. Taught classes internationally in Lima, Puerto Rico (I think this counts as international), Johannesburg and Cape Town. 24. Took JC to his first Nascar race. 25. Took road trips to Palm Desert and Palm Springs. 26. Didn't cry at a wedding. (I think this is a first in my adult life.) 27. Suffered from exhaustion and recovered. 28. Prayed for JC's mom, Ahpo, and others. 29. Got lots of happy mail. 30. Enjoyed the blessings of wonderful family & friends. 31. Continued to feel grateful for all I have and all I don't. 32. Learned to be more patient and trusting. 33. Worked really hard. And finished my first book! And there you have it. Couldn't have summed it up better than my friend, Margie, who said yesterday, "33 was good. 34. Better!" Yes, please! And hello 34!

fabric + paper love

While in New Zealand for Spotlight, I met so many lovely ladies, some who even brought projects they had made with my products. One in particular was a wonderful lady named Lisa. She showed me the amazing daybook she created for her daughter's 8th birthday.While flipping through it, I noticed that in one of the photos her daughter, Georgia, was wearing a camera tee. Turns out Lisa took my BPC class, The Good Life, and made shirts for all her kids. She calls them the Gap girls, since those are their initials. How cute are they in their shirts?!Thanks so much for letting me share this, Lisa!Speaking of classes, here are a few fun options.

-Big Picture has Project Real Life by Becky Higgins beginning soon! Class starts Thursday, October 4th! Be sure to register by October 3rd to receive an exclusive set of Project Life cards—printed and mailed to you from Persnickety Prints. If you register on or after October 4th, you'll instead receive digital versions of the Project Life cards that can be printed at home.

-Studio Calico just announced their class with Silhouette American, Cut It Out. Looks like an amazing group of teachers.

-Working on a client's album for their Spring Break trip to Maui. The photos are gorgeous and have me wishing I could make it to Hawaii with Stacy to celebrate 12/12/12. Doesn't that sound like fun? Regardless of whether I take the plunge or not, I plan on playing along with this more affordable $20.12 class.

you rock.

Will never tire of seeing projects made with our products. Thought a little round up of projects that have caught my eye lately would be fun. You can click on the images to be taken to where they were originally posted.Love seeing photos of your projects popping up from all over the world. If you happen to post any photos with our products on Instagram, feel free to use the hashtag – #amytangerine. And of course feel free to link up to projects in the comments. Love filling up this Pinterest board with your creations. Our products are available online at Two Peas In A Bucket and hopefully at your local scrapbooking stores.

let's face it.

If you bring your baby to meet me, more than likely I will voluntarily hold them for perhaps longer than you (or they) would like. (Luckily, they tend to like the funny faces I make.) And if you decide to put one of my stickers on their heads, I will squeal in delight and take photos since it's absolutely adorable. It's all totally appropriate, especially when they say "how lovely" and "precious".

Spotlight Australia + St. Kilda

Needless to say, I am loving it down here in Australia. I explored St. Kilda a bit on my first day here. It was gorgeous and the weather was quite pleasant, though a bit windy. Digging the public transportation here, I took the tram back to my hotel just in time. 5 minutes after I got into my room, it started pouring down rain. Apparently it hailed in other parts of Melbourne. I relaxed for a while and then ended up fighting to stay awake until 8:15pm. Then I awoke the next morning (Friday) at 3:15am and could not go back to sleep. Gotta love jet lag. Here are some snapshots from the Spotlight visits (see schedule on my last post) and my trip so far.