we're here to be happy...

Just thought I would share some happy mail I got a few days ago from some of the f*girls. The hand made goodness makes me smile. If you haven't put something in the mail in a long while, I suggest you do it, as it can totally brighten someone's day.

This video Tara posted makes me happy too. Watch it and I promise you'll smile.

This is a true story. In these hard times we bring together the eldest man with the youngest baby.
[Images of a pregnant woman in car] Madrid. Aitana Martinez. Three hours before birth.
[Images of an old man at home] Mallorca Josep Mascaro. 102 years.
[Image of the man on a phone] Hello Aitana.
[Voiceover on a long car trip and plane trip interspersed with images of birth]
My name is Mallorca Mascaro and I am 102-years-old.
I’m a lucky guy. Lucky…
For having been born, like you.
For being able to embrace my wife.
For having known my friends and for having been able to say goodbye to them.
For still being here.
You will ask yourself what is the reason I’ve come to visit you today.
It’s because most people will say what a bad moment you’ve chosen to come into the world.
We’re in crisis, that’s not a good thing…
Well, it’ll make you stronger.
I’ve lived worse moments than this one,
but in the end, you’ll remember only good things.
[Image of the man now at the hospital visiting the baby]
Don’t waste time with nonsense, there’s plenty of it,
and go and find what makes you happy while you can,
since time slips away very quickly.
I’ve lived for 102 years and I’ll happily live a few more.
Because I promise you that the only thing you won’t like about life it that it’ll seem too short.
You’re here to be happy.

home is where the heart is.

Put your heart into making something unique for your pad! I'll be co-teaching an online 6-week home decor class... and if you love flipping through magazines like Domino (so sad that it's gone), then this class may be just right for you. No April Fool's joke here, if you sign up today, you get $10 off, making the class just $20!! Click here for details :)

if i could turn back time...

I would have posted this yesterday, since that's when Candace was featured and the premiere of Season 2 aired from SIStv! Better late than never, so here's the scoop...

I love a daily dose of sunshine... The Bright Side Project brings it in such a fresh and fun way, and today has spotlighted one of my favorite jewelry designers, Candace Ang. She makes amazing pieces and even did a little tarot card reading for me recently.
Not to be missed, this great new format for the webisodes from ScrapInStyletv!
Love the illustrations and seeing Phoenix's little pigtails, they are just the cutest!

And tomorrow, my friend David Sullivan will be the one possessed by demons on CBS's Criminal Minds.

Here's my horoscope for the day (I'm a Libra) and I just thought it was interesting because it's rare that it's so "right on" with what's going on, I had to share:
The planets are moving you into a new cycle, amy. Soon you will be in a new chapter of your life story. You will have to take stock of what you have learned in previous weeks. Who you are is related to the degree of peace you have in your life and whether or not you have been able to resolve some conflicts. Did you learn your lessons well? Without a doubt, you have a gift for calming tense situations.

a slice of life...

It's always nice when there's a collective creative conscious that you can feel a part of... which is why I think Sisiversary was so fun last year. Everyone involved was there to get creative, share ideas, inspire others and just have a great time. Registration opens tomorrow for this amazing event, ScrapinStyleTV LIVE.
Since we're on a creative kick... I was delighted to see this feature in Altered Couture. Stampington has the most amazing array of magazines, that are more like collectors' items that you want to keep and reference for inspiration and projects. This issue is jam packed with goodness and I feel truly blessed to be among such talented company. Get your copy now... From their site: The Spring issue of Altered Couture is the hottest yet! Designer Amy Tangerine talks about squeezing the most creativity out of your T-shirts. Everything you wanted to know about altering but were afraid to ask: Questions for revamping your wardrobe are answered by two of our most frequent contributors. Also, the results are in from our bleach challenge and these creations are white hot! Since Spring is the season of starting fresh, Colin Mika gives us a preview of his new menswear collection “Vandal Spirit.” Other newly designed duds for the season include Etsy darlings Jennifer Guthrie and Armour sans Anguish. Put a little Spring into your step and pick up the latest Altered Couture.

The Retro Modern collection...

is now on sale in the ScrapInStyletv boutique. ***EDITED*** Oops, I was getting a little ahead of myself and it will actually go on sale tomorrow- Feb 3, 2009. Sorry for the confusion and now you have something else to look forward to :) ***EDITED***
It's bright and fun...