IMG_8176.JPGOur sweet 9 year old Jack Russell, Buster, has been in the hospital for 6 nights after being diagnosed with AIHA. He's received 3 blood transfusions, and his red blood cell count has gone up and down. Up and down. He's had complications like throwing clots. We feel so helpless, but know the doctors are doing the best that they can for him. This was taken on Sunday night after his 3rd transfusion:IMG_8283.JPGI posted some updates on Instagram, but wanted to do so here as well. I hesitated to post more about it sooner as the days and nights have been rough, but we remain hopeful especially after reading comments of others who have been through something similar with their fur babies. I cannot thank you enough for your continued thoughts. Our hearts are aching and we just cannot wait to have him home.

UPDATE: HE IS HOME! There's a long road ahead with 5 different medications and injections he needs 3 times a day, around the clock care, but we are so glad we busted him right out of the hospital. Words cannot express how grateful we are for all your comments, thoughts and prayers!!

Meeting Lisa Congdon

Lisa CongdonLisa CongdonLisa CongdonSo I was just a bit ecstatic about meeting Lisa Congdon Thursday at the welcome dinner for Craftcation. She delivered a super inspiring visual treat of a keynote speech and slideshow - a delightful balance of honesty, humility, wit and wisdom. Lisa CongdonBamboo met Lisa at lunch yesterday, and shortly afterwards she decided to curl up next to my signed copy of Whatever You Are, Be A Good One. Here's a lovely page from it which pretty much sums up the whole experience.whateveryouare_congdon2

They call it puppy love


One of the questions we've been getting a lot recently is, "How are the dogs with Jack?". Well the short answer is that they are good. Now. I will say though that Buster took a bit longer to warm up to Jack than Bamboo. She loved him from the start. The boy dog on the other hand may have thought it was strange that this new little being spent so much time occupying my lap for feedings. In any case, after a couple growls when Jack made eye contact, we made sure Buster wouldn't do it again (we flipped him on his back and sternly said no), he seems to have gotten the message. And Buster may be realizing that this little guy is here to stay and there's plenty of love to go around for everyone. He may have also noticed that Jack now outweighs him. ;)

oh deer me

36weeksIt's countdown time, with less than 4 weeks to go, here's a little update:

  • the pups are super cuddly, playful and want to be with me no matter where I go
  • so thankful for all the kind words when I post about my belly here and on Instagram, it means more than you know.
  • I'm no longer feeling shortness of breath (thank goodness) and have stopped taking my inhaler
  • the lingering cough seems to have finally left my system
  • my ring was stuck on my finger so Kara helped me take it off, apparently I am more swollen than I thought
  • feet are a bit swollen as well and I can only wear flip flops - although I tried on my Toms wedges last night and they fit but I am reluctant to wear them.
  • still drinking smoothies, trying to eat balanced meals, although the Del Taco drive thru was calling my name last night. Their chicken soft tacos are my favorite.
  • baby boy is getting stronger and kicking the movements into high gear and is acting quite cheeky - at the last ultrasound, he stuck his tongue out.
  • And I have no idea how to segue from that to this awesome giveaway...

FFohdeermeFreckled Fawn has been keeping quite a secret for the past six months! We now offer a monthly Embellishment Kit Club called OHDEERME. If you have mountains of paper, this kit club is the perfect solution for you. Each month, Freckled Fawn designs and manufactures a collection of coordinating embellishments that you can't purchase anywhere else. You will receive a tin filled with enough embellishments to inspire you as you create dozens of lovely projects! With the OHDEERME embellishments in hand, browsing your personal paper stash each month will become an exciting endeavor as you preserve your memories, fashion a card for just the right occasion, or add flair to a gift for a special person. You can learn more about the kit club at ohdeermekit.com.

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GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Freckled Fawn is excited to offer a free 3-month kit subscription to one of Amy Tangerine's readers. Simply leave a comment saying what type of embellishment you'd most like to see in a kit. Giveaway will close Saturday, August 24 at 8am PST and winner will be announced shortly after. GOOD LUCK!
Thanks for all of your comments! The winner is #35 - Monica Blain says: Aww, love those pictures! You look adorable with your baby bump :) Hmm… as far as the embellishments in a future Oh Deer Me kit, what about shaped paperclips in new shapes or metallic doilies or paper envelopes with different designs or enamel dots in all different colors or some printed clothespins… the list could go on!

CONGRATS! Please email us - hello(at)amytangerine(dot)com with your mailing address so we can pass it along to Freckled Fawn.

little update

So yesterday when I realized I hadn't chosen a winner for the Give A Girl A... giveaway, I tried to get on my blog to update it. Well, I for some reason was locked out. I could not figure out why. In the midst of a sneezing fit (hello spring!), I got on the phone first with godaddy, then tried to find a phone number for wordpress, only to realize I needed to call bluehost. An hour (that I didn't have to spare) later, I spoke with someone at bluehost who basically told me this is happening with some of their AT&T customers. Annoyed, yet relieved that our website was still getting orders and that you all could still access it, I thanked him and asked for a time frame for resolution. And he gave me a vague, "Hopefully as soon as possible - if you can go to someone else's place with an internet provider other than AT&T, you should be fine." Well, that didn't happen and here I am now sending you what I thought would be a quick update. Just wanted you all to be in the loop. I am off for Craftcation in a couple hours - last year was so fun, and I have no doubt this year will be as well. I'll be instagramming (@amytangerine) and using #craftcation as the hashtag. craftcationLast year the pups came along, but this time it's just me and mommy! No doubt they will be missed...DSC_1163Here's a little write up on Unanimous Craft. And a speaker spotlight from Craftcation.