Major News!

Major News

I’m so excited to tell you this and I’ve hinted at it for months. Today I’m dropping the first episode for my brand new podcast, Craft A Life You Love. This project has been on my heart for such a long time. I’m so excited for you to hear it.

Here’s the official description:

Craft A Life You Love is a podcast dedicated to empowering you to create space and intention for your own personal hobbies, happiness, and harmony. Some weeks it will just be me sharing my perspective, ideas and inspiration to living your best creative life. On other episodes I’ll talk with someone remarkable as they bring juicy wisdom and the freshest takes on how to shine your brightest and squeeze the most out of this wonderful life.

I can’t wait for you to hear it. Please take a listen to the podcast trailer. Let me know what you think! Be sure to tell me who you’d like to hear me interview. If you enjoy the show, please be sure to subscribe (it’s on iTunes and Google Play) so you never miss an episode!

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5 Highlights from My Conversation on The Brava Podcast

5 Highlights from My Conversation on the Brava Podcast

The best thing about being part of a community with other amazing, creative women is seeing the way we all manage to lift each other up– focusing on celebrating one another’s success. That’s why I really enjoyed taking part in the most recent episode of The Brava Podcast.

The word “Brava” actually means “to applaud women” and it was incredible to take part in a podcast that focuses on celebrating women’s successes. If you’re all about that, definitely check out the full conversation I had with the lovely Stephanie, who hosts the podcast. There are plenty of other inspiring episodes, and I wanted to share 5 highlights from our conversation here on the blog.

  1. Make your dreams a reality! It doesn’t matter how many ideas you have, it matters how many ideas you make happen. Don’t abandon the things you love because they seem impractical. Chase after them.

  2. Reject the “B-word” – aka stop being “busy” all the time. I don’t believe in being busy all the time because it can equate to feeling rushed and overwhelmed and glorifying the trend of the “hustle.” I really do have enough time for all the things I want to do.

  3. If you read my blog or follow me on social media, you won’t be surprised to hear me say how important it is to give yourself permission to create.

  4. Give yourself grace. Personally, it’s easy for me to give grace to other people and see the best in them. I have a much more difficult time doing that for myself and I know I’m not the only one. I’m working to be as kind to myself as I try to be to others.

  5. Let go of perfectionism and embrace your own abilities. You don’t have to do more to be more. Each of us is already more than enough.

I love all of these tips but the conversation on the podcast episode is loaded with even more juicy inspiration! Please take some time to check out the Brava Podcast and spend some time applauding yourself and all the other crafty awesome women in this world!

On the Crafty A** Female Podcast!!

Time to Get Crafty

SO excited to have been invited by the ladies of Crafty Ass Female to be a guest on their podcast! It was such a blast.

The three of us discussed all sorts of awesome things and played games— including “my therapist said…” and talked about how to let go of negativity in our lives. We talk about doing life ‘out of order’, having a positive outlook, how I’m working smarter not harder, and more. When they asked me about my definition of success, I said that it’s an idea that has changed and shifted over time for me:

“…Success to me has just always kind of been ‘GO GO GO’ and what I realized is, you know, true success is when you can do what you want, and if that means take a pause and say ‘hey, you know what? I’m just not feeling that good today’ or ‘I’m not feeling like doing that today, I need to take a wellness day and just go and sit at the park, or just get my paints out and do something just for me’…and I think that’s okay…I think that’s my definition of success lately…”

There was so much more awesomeness in our conversation and I encouraged you to check it out! Be sure to let me know what you think! They also chose my book Craft a Life You Love as their book club pick of the season, which is just so amazing. Hope you get a chance to listen and be sure to let Amanda and Kristin know what you thought of the episode! XO!

On The Lavendaire Lifestyle Podcast


It’s the golden age of Podcasting and I was lucky enough to join the lovely Aileen for an episode of her podcast The Lavendaire Lifestyle. The Lavendaire Lifestyle is all about committing to treating your life as art. We talked about all kinds of great things including how I got my start in fashion, how I published Craft A Life You Love, and my HARMONY principle. We also talked about how important it is to surround yourself with supportive and helpful mentors throughout your journey as a creative. If you don’t have time to drop everything and listen right now, I’ve included my tips on how to find that perfect mentor and stay inspired throughout your creative journey.

  1. Put your work out there. It isn’t just about receiving feedback— although that is incredibly helpful. Letting others enjoy your work can be a source of inspiration for you as a creative.

  2. Get in touch with someone you admire. Reach out to people in your life who you look up to, someone whose work and career is what you hope to achieve someday. Often, people are more than eager to share what they’ve learned.

  3. Read the success stories of others online. If you don’t have access to an individual person, learn from the experiences they’ve written or spoken about online in interviews, blog posts, and yes, even podcasts. Collect quotes or videos and keep it all in one place. A journal or Pinterest board will do the trick. You’ll be amazed by how much you can learn from the comfort of your own home.

  4. Talk to your friends and the people around you about your passions and goals. Put yourself out there. Exchange ideas, seek a second or third opinion, and make your desires known. The people in your life will want to help and support you. This is where true networking takes place— you never know who has connections until you ask.

  5. Filter through the noise. You don’t have to take everyone’s advice. Pick and choose the advice you want to take with you. Just because someone offers an opinion does not mean it applies to you or that you should take it to heart. Pay attention to your instincts and think about the kind of person you truly are. Does it sound right or wrong for you? If the answer is yes, hold onto those words. If not, keep moving forward.

I also spoke with Aileen about the infamous 7-Year Itch. If you aren’t sure what that is, no worries! The 7-Year Itch is basically the idea that creatives need a “shakeup” or change in their work every 7 years. This has been largely true in my own life. I spent about 7 years on fashion before moving on to scrapbooks. Now, over the 7 year mark in that medium, I have shifted my focus to travelers notebooks, bullet journals, and of course, my Hobonichi. If you’re in a bit of a slump, you can use some of my tips to break out of your creative funk and try something a little different.

  1. Try new things in small ways and see what sticks. I am not joking when I say my Hobonichi was a life-changing buy. Having it combines so many of my favorite things all in one: water color, bullet journal, travelers notebooks, scrapbooking. All of it fits in one awesome place and don’t even get me started on how awesome the paper is.

  2. Get out of your comfort zone. If you’re a writer, take a drawing class. If you’re a painter, try dancing. Even if the new experience doesn’t resonate with you, chances are that you’ll approach your creativity differently after trying something a little out of the box.

  3. Strive for HARMONY. If you aren’t familiar with my HARMONY principle, you can read about it here or even watch my video about it. The basic idea is to have a guiding set of criteria that helps you make decisions and prioritize your obligations. Instead of striving for balance and perfection, think about HARMONY.

There’s so much more to my conversation with Aileen. You can also find her show notes here. I would love for you to give the episode a listen and let me know what you think. Which of these tips will help you the most? 

Speak the Joy!

Speak the Joy!

There’s nothing like good conversation and there's always room for more happiness and enjoyment in our lives. Seek the Joy is a lovely podcast hosted by Sydney Weiss about the importance of a life filled with (you guessed it) joy! It’s all about letting go of negative self-talk, telling your story, and reconnecting with your soul. The podcast itself is a great listen and I highly recommend checking it. I was lucky enough to be featured as the guest on Sydney's 40th episode and our conversation was incredible. You can listen to it on iTunes or her website. If you don't have time to drop everything and listen right now, I’ve decided to share three highlights from it here:

  1. It was a great talk! Even though we hadn't met in person or even chatted before, Sydney was so easy to talk to. Not only did the conversation flow… I enjoyed every second of it. It can be intimidating to speak with someone you’ve never met before, but Sydney put me at total ease and it was fun.

  2. We covered awesome topics! One of the main focuses was the connection between creativity and joy. If you read this blog or seen my YouTube channel, you know how strongly I believe in this link. The title of my book, Craft A Life You Love, hinges on creativity sparking joy and joy sparking creativity. It’s a beautiful, energetic cycle and talking with someone who values aligning with positivity was gratifying.

  3. Storytelling! We talked about the evolution of my brand and my book and my latest collaboration with Avery! For 15% off, use the discount code 15AVERYNAMY on Amazon! The story behind Craft A Life You Love and the incredible journey I went on to getting it published was part of the conversation. Hopefully, sharing my story will inspire others who need a little extra push to share their own creations, whatever they may be. If you haven't heard me get a little woo woo, this will be a great way to get filled in on how important enjoying the journey is for me.

Crafting the Right Mindset

I created a special download just for you listeners from our conversation, which can be downloaded here. You can also take a look at the show notes from Seek The Joy here.

The conversation left me feeling energized and happy. How often can you say that about something you do for work?! Thankfully it's often for me, but if it isn't for you, perhaps it's time to pause and reflect on how you can fill your days with more of the good stuff. So, what’s one thing in your life that brings you joy? Did you like the podcast episode? Be sure to let me know in the comments!


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