Halfway there - 2016 photo a day project

Hard to believe this year is over halfway over. I've been using Collect Photo App to document a photo a day. So nice to see a slice of this year that is just FLYING by.

It's a great modern way to keep your memories on your phone and computer. I think my game plan will be to print these out and scrapbook them very simply. Or I may just stick them in sleeves as a snapshot of the year since I am very behind on my memory keeping. Hope that makes you all feel better considering this is part of my job! The Collect Photo App is easy to use and how fun are these collages from 2015?! 

I've found that I do best with daily projects I don't necessarily have to commit to everyday. Does that even make sense? You can easily go back and document the entire month in one go or choose a photo every day as you go. I like that you can also cheat (shh!) if you don't have a photo to use on any given day. Do you have any apps you like to use that help make documenting your memories nearly effortless as well?

photo-a-day staying strong

Usually the momentum would have been lost by now with photo-a-day, considering we are two-thirds done with this year. But thanks to my iPhone and the free my365 app, I am happy to report that I am still going strong. There have been a few days (maybe 5 all year) when I didn't take quite the photo I wanted to post. Not a big deal at all, because I just replaced it with a different photo. At the end of the year, it's not going to matter one bit that a picture may have been from a different day. Heck, it doesn't even matter right now. Enjoying looking back on every bit of this project. Here is the tutorial on how I made the collage. Already making plans to continue this into 2013. If you all have other suggestions or apps to make the process easier, please share!


halfway done


Is time flying like crazy for everyone? More than halfway done with this year, which means I have taken over 183 photos and kept up with photo-a-day. Here is the tutorial on how I made the collage. Just under 6 more months to go. Although I am enjoying the moments and ridiculously fast days, I am wishing there was a pause button. Especially since June gloom is finally behind us. Friendly reminder that Persnickety Prints free shipping code expires tomorrow.

the merry month of may

Despite being sick for a number of days, May was overall a very good month. And like all the others, it seemed to zip on by. Life was more of the same this month -  paper, work, events, babies, doggies, being outside, food, with some travels (and 2 vacations!) thrown in. Life is full. And boy does it move fast. Still grateful (and a bit surprised) to be keeping up with this daily documentation. Here is the tutorial on how I made the collage.  Digi washi tape by Rhonna Designs. Hello there, June.


121 of 365

Delighted to report that photo-a-day for this year has been a success. It's astonishing to think that we are already through with one third of the year. Life moves fast, and I am grateful for technology for helping to capture the little (and big) things. With my iPhone and the free my365 app, staying on track has been pretty easy thus far. Honestly, I don't know that I would have kept it up without these 2 things. I've already shown you January and February (click on the photos to see the original blog posts). Isn't technology amazing? Another reason I am loving wordpress.Here is the tutorial on how I made the collage. As you can tell, these photos tell the story of my life. Dogs, food, paper, work, babies, more food, palm trees, selfies, and more food. Life is full. And apparently so is my belly. How about you? Doing any fun daily projects, and is technology helping you keep up?