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amy tangerine traveler's notebooks

We've got another shop update for you with brand new traveler's notebooks made with my papers from my collections with American Crafts. Since the response was so awesome last time, we were sure to make more. All available in the shop now!

Australia mini album part 01

It turns out that I am behind on sharing about a lot of big events - the Pre-Oscars event that we did in February, and my tour with Spotlight stores in Australia. The good news though, is that in reality, I don't feel too backed up on projects. Sure, there's a lot going on, but there always is. Fortunately, I've learned (and I'm still learning) to be present in the given moment. It can be difficult at times, especially when there is SO much going on and I feel overwhelmed and busy. There are so many things I want to share with you, but somehow composing blog posts and making videos can't happen when I think of the best things to say, usually on a run or in the shower. I decided to shoot a flip through of what my album looked like when I returned from the trip. Basically, it's a follow up from this video where I was trying to decide how to document my journey. I filmed it in one take, recording voiceover as I was flipping. Some edits were done after, but it was pretty minimal and the video didn't take me as long as it usually does to finish.

I altered an album that I didn't like the cover of with paint, stickers, and die cuts. Most of the supplies came from a mix of my Stitched and Rise & Shine collections. Hope you enjoy!

Australia books


Hello from Sydney! JC, Jack and I are really enjoying ourselves. Jack was a total champ on the 15 hour journey, especially once he figured out that we were actually supposed to sleep on the plane, not just eat and play with our toys (the window shade counts too because lowering it and raising it is such fun for a 1.5 year old)!

Before the trip, I wanted to figure out how to approach the travel journal that would be best for my fourth visit down under. I didn't make one for my second time in AUS, but I did find the one from my first time, which was right after graduating from college. I also found the moleskin one from 2013. Thought I would walk down memory lane and also do a flip through of the books so you all could have a look too.

Just a reminder, here is my schedule for the Spotlight store visits! 

We will be doing fun make and takes and I am so looking forward to meeting you! If you are planning on coming, please feel free to bring projects you have made with my products. Seeing what you've done with my ranges (collections, as I usually refer to them) is one of the best parts!

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Kauai Travelers Notebook + Instax

Instax Share Travelers Notebook

Whenever we travel, I try and take a journal or mini album along to work on. I wanted to keep it simple for this first long trip away from Jack (4 nights) for me and JC. It was his birthday present to me (my birthday is in October and we took the trip in January). I decided to take a Midori Traveler's Notebook that my mom had gotten me from Japan. I used this leather cover to hold it. From the moment we exited the plane, we felt instantly relaxed. Since we just had our carry on bags, we marched right outside, smelled the glorious fresh air and immediately felt like we were in paradise. Even though we were really still at the airport. But the palm trees, clear skies and the smells!! We caught the rental car shuttle to Avis and got into our Ford Escape and hit the road. Since we stay on the North Shore, we take full advantage of the drive through Kapaa by stopping at my favorite little spot, Mermaids Cafe. I was introduced to the amazing ahi nori wrap back in 2005 and have been in love ever since. It's something I crave and have to have at least once when I'm there. In fact even as I'm typing this I am feeling an emptiness in my stomach. Trust me, you are missing out if you don't pay them a visit while in Kauai. The only crazy thing is having to deal with the chickens that aren't afraid to get creepily close.

After we ate, we walked down the street because JC saw a cute boutique he thought I would like. And he was right. Kiko Kauai had just opened a couple weeks before our visit. It's one of the cutest and most well curated shops I've ever stepped foot in. 

We stayed at the St. Regis Princeville using points and cash, and it was nothing short of amazing. You can read a bit more about it from this blog post from our last trip in 2011.

I took along very limited supplies with me: mini scissors, tape runner, date stamp, black ink, and a Sakura Micron pen. My goal was to document as much as possible in my Traveler's Notebook while on the trip and then just add finishing touches when I got home. Since I have way too many unfinished projects, I just wanted to get this one done in a simple yet creative manner. 

In this video, I show you how I used Instax photos printed from my Fujifilm Instax Share and how I finished off the album. You can read more about the printer in this blog post. Love that it uses the same type of film as the cameras. The Pilot Twin Marker set is awesome and they are great for writing on washi tape!

Hope you enjoy the video! Would love to hear any tips or tricks you have for your travel memories!

palm springs mini book

amy tangerine amy tangerine amy tangerine amy tangerine amy tangerine amy tangerine amy tangerine amy tangerineHere are the pages I finished while in Palm Springs with my Creative Options Artist Travel Case. You can see the blog post with more info here and the video of how it came together here.Want Creative Options to help you get organized for fall? Take a picture of your craft areas or projects that need help and upload your photo to Instagram, tagging @creative_opts & @amytangerine and using the hashtag #creativeoptions for the chance to win the latest products from Creative Options! Be sure to also Like Creative Options on Facebook for more details. Contest ends tonight!