Hiking up high

20140515-072912.jpgThe last time I blogged about hiking was 2 years ago, when my cousin Cindy finished her first year of her graduate PT (physical therapy) program at USC. Well it turns out she is graduating today, and naturally, we are so proud of her!

My uncle came into town for the celebration and we decided to take him on our new local hike, which is a 5 minute drive. One day when it's not 90 degrees by 9 in the morning, we may try to jog there and then do the 2 mile hike. I haven't done the stairs up to the top yet, but Cindy has. The 360 view no matter how you get up there is great- you can see the ocean, LAX, the Hollywood sign, and downtown on a clear day. Compared to Temescal Canyon, I would say this is easier, even though there isn't any shade along the way. If you have a water bottle, you can refill it at the top and even use a nice restroom facility. And if you're so inclined, why not try a jumping shot?20140515-072924.jpgThough it's been years since I tried a toe touch, I have to say Cindy has some mad skills when it comes to taking jumping photos. She got down low with my iPhone 5, and after several normal jumping shots which turned out great, I told her I wanted to try something new. On my second toe touch, she captured this! I don't think I jumped all that high, but the combination of being on top of a hill, the background and the fact that she is shooting from ground level comes together to make it appear much higher. Thanks for all the funny comments on Instagram. I laughed out loud several times.

Big time props for Cindy capturing this shot. And bigger congrats to her for working hard and always taking the high road to reach her goals.


Mindy Weiss had her Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever 2 & it was indeed ridiculous.  Before leaving my place, I checked Twitter & I was able to see fantastic photos of the event thanks to live-blogging by Junebug Weddings. I mentioned how cool it was, and upon arriving to the venue, I received this message:
Christy Weberjunebugweddings 


@amytangerine Thank you! I love your t-shirts - if you see me please come introduce yourself!Of course I was a bit floored that she knew of my shirts. Super excited to meet Christy, I saw her sitting down and had to go up to her. It turns out years ago while working as a wedding photographer, she also did part-time sales at a shop in Seattle called Tulip that stocked our shirts. In fact Tulip was one of the first 20 stores to carry our line back in 2003. Christy had sold a bunch of our shirts and said that her customers just loved them. Talking to Christy just made me SO happy. She then went on stage to speak to the hundreds of guests about the importance of blogging and social media. What an inspiration.

LA Photo Party was all set up with custom props & the HP touch screens were available for live-link uploading to Facebook & Twitter.  As usual, they were also printing the photos for the guests.  Stunning invitations were on display by Lehr & Black. And I whipped up a couple of pages so the event planners and guests could get a feel for on-site scrapbooking at weddings. 

Supplies: American Crafts, DCWV, vintage lace, K & Company, washi tape, Uniball Signo

I really love my job... can you tell?
Happy December!

ABC's of the weekend

Unfortunately I didn't take a single photo that wasn't related to work. Very unlike me, but even with the extra hour, this weekend went quickly. We flew by the seat of our pants, other than reservations for Gjelina with friends on Friday night, and me having to work Saturday night, we could do just about whatever we wanted.  This meant JC got his afternoon coffee while I browsed and found washi tape I didn't already own (it's a miracle!). Decided to document this weekend with a snapshot of the bits & an ABC list.

A fun-filled weekend
Bored To Death
Chicago Bears win!
Delivery pizza from Bravo
Eggs with ham, cheese & onions
Fall back
Gjelina with friends on Friday
Harvey (Last Chance Harvey)
I'm hungry, is that an emotion?
Jo (Supah Dupah Cro-Jo)
Kindle NY Times
Marina City Club
Nicki's Bat Mitzvah
O'Donnell. Chris O'Donnell.
Panini Garden
Quick change of subject at the mention of 11.11
Ridiculously perfect bike riding weather
Small world occurences
Tender Greens
Unseasonably warm
Washing of the cars
Zack and Miri
All in all, it turned out to be a chill weekend with just enough fun activities. Really lovely indeed.

yippee for glee

A little jealous, but totally happy for my cousin Cindy, who got her hot little hands on this...

Well, I am more delighted about the comeback for this show than JC, but that's ok. He watches it with me without any whining. He loves Lost, and since that's on tomorrow night as well, we're both thankful for the DVR. Also getting recorded will be the new show on Bravo, 9 by Design. Most of my excitement however is for the return of glee. How excited are we for glee? According to this picture by LA Photo Party, we're both jumping for joy. Hope you all are too!


people should smile more...

these lyrics make me happy.
Newton Faulkner rocks. And it's true, people really should smile more.JJ likes smiling too. Probably because she looks so cute in her custom amy tangerine tee.
(Thanks Heavah for the photo)
And here's a smiley shot courtesy of LA Photo Party- on a layout hand stitched by my mommy done for the Scrapping the Music challenge.
Some things that make me smile right now: happy puppies running around the beach, sunshine, finding making time to do creative things, silliness, chris rice's song- 8th grade, Tender Greens being back open, watching my cousin Cindy get carded (she just turned 21), and of course, jumping shots that were caught this amazingly on just one jump...

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