A font or 2 for you

It rained off and on all day Saturday. Between watching college football, doing just a bit of work, and being a bit lazy, I decided to finally download the iPad app that Elsie from A Beautiful Mess recommended. It easily turns your handwriting into a font!Normally it takes a lot to convince me to purchase an app (even the 99 cent ones, which I know, is ridiculous), but I just don't want to fill my devices full of apps I won't use, no matter how little they cost. iFontMaker is $6.99, which is $2.69 less than the Spicy Salmon sushi bowl I like to get from Whole Foods on a weekly basis. I have no qualms about dropping dollars on delicious meals, but for some reason when it comes to apps, I am hesitant to spend unless I know it will be well worth it. Before this app, the most I had paid for one was $4.99. It was for Reeder, and it still remains one of my favorite apps ever. It helps me stay on top of my blog reading, which in turn helped me find iFontMaker. UPDATED: I used my iPad 2 and this Belkin 2-N-1 Stylus Pen.Conclusion: This app just became one of my favorite purchases and is well worth the 7 bucks. If you're interested in downloading and using the fonts, here is Hello and here is Skinny. If you happen to use them in any way, please share the links in the comments. Can't wait to see!