What's better than a trip to Hawaii?

Having one of your dear travel companions make a cute video to help recount the vacation. And that is exactly what the talented Kelly Purkey did.

And yes, we really did eat that much.

And if you're interested, this is the video JC made from our 2009 trip to NYC, Boston and Rio.

KP & JC sure know how to make a girl feel lucky. Thanks tons!

love: an article, a video, and a page

read the whole piece here

Here are 2 little creatures I love so much. I know I've posted this video before, but it just makes my heart so happy. And sometimes I think doggies are better than humans at showing their affection, love, and loyalty.

Made this scrapbook page for the American Crafts blog using fun new products.

♥ the little things in life.

There are moments when I think I am so dang clever, I crave a way of capturing the moment. Then there are times when I laugh aloud at how clever I think I am. My opportunity for both came in the form of coming up with a silly little idea for JC (aka Mr. Wonderful) while in a photo booth. And then executing it.
I giggled with much delight after picking it up (people probably thought I was nuts, but oh well). Showing your love for someone can come in all kinds of little forms. Here's how I know JC loves me and the doggies. He made this video.

little bits & a giveaway

Kitty Robot makes the cutest little Sculpey buttons and bits. They are all handmade and look good enough to eat (or just savor and drool over) because they are so adorable. I let out a squeal of excitement when they asked me to guest design for them and here's a glimpse of what I made...

And because they are so sweet and generous, they want to give you a little packet of their goodies. Just leave a comment with what you like right now or share a little trick or technique, and I will draw a winner in the evening of Sunday, October 18th.

I really enjoy scrapbooking on-the-go. It's a great way to capture memories while they are happening. While in Atlanta, with this book,
I wanted to include a couple tri-fold brochures, and keep them intact. Here's a little nifty trick to include them into your mini albums that are bound with book rings. (This video was literally taken moments after I discovered the trick, I was excited and just hanging out, please excuse the random background items). Hope you the impromptu mini video tutorial...


If you have an extra 7 and a half minutes and want to watch our
video from our trip from nyc to boston to rio de janeiro, click below.