Mother’s Day Gift Ideas - Etsy Roundup

As you’ve probably already figured out, I love things that are handmade. When it comes to giving gifts, a gift you’ve made can feel really special. Since that isn’t always a possibility (you might not have enough time or the materials on hand or you may not be as crafty as you’d like), the next best thing is to support a wonderful maker and buy a gift on Etsy

Mother’s Day is coming up, so I’ve compiled a list of handmade products on Etsy that would be perfect for a special mom in your life. Scroll down to see who makes them and click for links to where you can buy all of these items!

Remember to check the time it takes each maker to create and ship these gifts to see if they’ll be sent out in time for Mother’s Day. To be honest, I wouldn't mind if any of these came after the actual holiday. I prefer spending quality time with my family and doing things together anyway, so if one of these arrived later in May, I would be just as delighted. Some of them are custom made to order, which makes them even more special.

1 // Mother bird on a branch necklace by figsandginger on Etsy

2 // Customizable family tree birthstone necklace by delezhen on Etsy

3 // Home floral embroidery hoop by zezehandcraft on Etsy

4 // I’m just so glad you’re my mom” card by emilymcdowellstudio on Etsy

5 // Best mom ever mug by tumbalinastudio on Etsy

6 // Mama Bear enamel pin by bonbiforest on Etsy

7 // Handwriting jewelry by IMEsilver on Etsy

8 // Floral clutch by boejackdesigns on Etsy

9 // Momtrepreneur shirt by birchbearco on Etsy

I hope that I was able to help you find something you like! What are you getting for a special mom in your life? 

Some of the links above are affiliate links. I receive a small percentage of sales at no cost to you. My creative partners and I really appreciate your continued support and every little bit helps me to bring you consistent content!

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March Favorites

I really wanted to get Favorites videos to you all every month this year, but I'm starting with March (or really, April). I hope you enjoy my latest video about the random assortment of products and other things I have been loving! 

Here is a list of everything I mentioned in the video and where you can go to find them.

Pixi Glow Tonic - I love the way my skin feels when I use this product! It feels so tight and clean and this is working really well for me. 

Schmidt's Deoderant Stick - I’ve seen and tried natural deodorants before, but I haven’t found one that does its job until now. This is the winner! So far, it’s been great. And from the comments on the video, it appears those of you who have tried it really like it too!

Derma E - This is an activated charcoal cleanser and my skin feels amazing after I use it. I try to use it once a day! 

ORLY Breathable Nail Treatment + Color - I got a manicure and they put this nail polish on me. It stayed for eight days without chipping, so I knew I had to try it at home too. The first color I got is a light gray called ‘Power Packed’. I’ve also been loving the color ‘Pamper Me’ which is a baby pink color. I think it’s perfect for spring and summer! I would like this pink even more if it were slightly more white, but it’s great and kind of fun! 

LipSense - The color I got was Napa and I tried it for the first time in this video so you can see how it goes on. It survived the kiss test without leaving a mark! To get it with a special 10% off discount through Friday 4/14, email Claudette at [email protected] and tell her I sent you! Mention the code Amy10. 

Essentialism by Greg McKeown - I’m obsessed with the theories that he shares. There’s so much in life that we try to cram in but it’s really important to focus on the things that make our lives better. Totally recommended read! 

Jack's car bed - We got this bed for him a few months ago and he’s obsessed with it. This bed is currently on sale as well, if you were considering buying one! Check out the blog post I wrote about it right here.

Jack's Kitchen Helper - We love using this because Jack enjoys helping us in the kitchen while we’re cooking. It’s sturdy and he can get up and back down by himself! 

Minions Perler Beads - I love that my son enjoys doing crafts of all kinds. His focus and concentration lasted through to the finish. Although he wanted to keep it like it was instead of me ironing it for him, so I didn't get that part on video. This project reminded me of when I was younger and we had such a good time working on it together! 

Yoobi products - We got Jack the Yoobi colored pencils, a watercolor paper pad, and an activity book. He loves them!

Jonathan Adler coaster set - I just love how beautiful and functional these coasters are! They come in a set of four and I kind of wish I’d bought two of these boxes.

Paul Smith Sock Subscription - JC has always loved fun socks and Paul Smith has a monthly service that I paid a year in advance for and it is quite pricey, but the fact that he gets really cool socks every month makes for a fun little surprise every month. 

Christine Herrin Everyday Explorers - I met her in person at Adobe Max last year! We had so much fun talking about our shared love for paper. These are adorable cards and this whole kit is something that you can take with you. It’s so well-designed and awesome! 

Bullet Journaling - My bullet journal obsession continues! I’ve been loving this system so much. I can add color and do grayscale. If you want to know more about it, watch my playlist of bullet journaling videos

California Dreaming Mural - If you’re in LA, check out this new wall mural by It's A Living in Culver City at the Chinese Laundry Headquarters! It's right next to the See's Candies and it is gorgeous. I’d recommend going late afternoon on the weekends - I got this weird shadow when I visited in the morning. Here's a photoshoot I did there!

Let me know if you use any of this stuff too or if you want to share your current faves with me! Thanks for stopping by, fangerines. You're the best!

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. I receive a small percentage of sales at no cost to you. My creative partners and I really appreciate your continued support and every little bit helps me to bring you consistent content!