Be Happy Launch Party!!

Be Happy Launch Party

The feedback and excitement over my Be Happy Box collaboration with The Happy Planner has been so amazing. Your enthusiasm and happiness has meant the world to me. That’s why when the team suggested months ago that we kick off the box with an official launch party, I said yes!! The only thing that would have made it more perfect is if the venue was big enough to hold everyone who wanted to come. If you haven’t seen my walkthrough of the box and its contents, be sure to check that out here. And remember, if you grab your box before Wednesday, June 12 at 11:59pm and use code AMYTANGERINE, you’ll get 20% off your entire purchase. Plus domestic orders over $75 ship free!

Be Happy Launch Party

The Happy Planner played the hostess(es) with the mostest. They organized some of our favorite vendors as well as a small number of excited fans who won tickets to the event. (It totally pays to watch our Instagram Stories you guys!). Highlights from the afternoon included aura readings, cocktails, delicious food and time well-spent watercoloring together. We even finished off the event with an ice cream sundae bar. I wanted to share highlights and photos from the party.

I absolutely loved the venue and menu. My dear friend Kara Elise was the architect behind all the incredible food served at brunch. Guests could not stop talking about all the delicious options she created and we got to enjoy them on the lovely Geese & Ganders plates. The venue FESTOON LA was the perfect backdrop and the Happy Planner team absolutely nailed the decor. People were swooning over the bouquets and balloon creations that brought everything together. We talked and sipped some amazing (themed!) drinks from Coastal Cockails or for those who needed an energy boost, delicious cold brew from SloBru Craft Coffee.

Be Happy Launch Party

You all know how firmly I believe in the crafting community– when people come together to create, beautiful things can happen. That’s why I made time in the schedule for people to watercolor and just enjoy spending part of their afternoon creatively. We used products from Ooly to paint.  In addition to the things they made, guests also got to walk away with beautiful cards where their auras were read and selfies under a gorgeous neon sign.

Be Happy Launch Party
Be Happy Launch Party

Overall, I had an incredible time connecting with so many amazing creatives and couldn’t believe how quickly it all went by. Looking back on the event, I’m struck by how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded, positive people who enhance each other’s creativity. I love that we were able to come together to create this incredible party with the best energy.

Be Happy Launch Party

Have you had a chance to check out my Be Happy Box? Will you throw any awesome summer events for family and friends? If you do, be sure to surround yourself with awesome people and take lots and lots of photos.

Be Happy Launch Party

Thanks to everyone who made this whole thing possible:

The Happy Planner

Florals: Francesca Staggs

Brunch: Kara Elise

Plates, Napkins, Cups and Utensils: Geese & Ganders

Welcome Sign: Alana Yarbrough

Workshop Materials: OOLY

Drinks: Coastal Cocktails

Coffee: SloBru Craft Coffee

Aura Photography: AURAGAMI



Neon Light: Narwall

Rentals: YEAH! Rentals

Sweet Treats: Tillamook and Double Good

Photography: Ographr

3 Highlights from the Erin Condren Workshop


Find out what you love to do and where your heart sings. Make it a part of your every day. Last month, I had the opportunity to head down to the beautiful state of Texas to teach a stamping workshop at the Erin Condren Flagship store in Austin. It was an amazing time! I got to play fun products from our collaboration and interact with some awesome crafters.

Highlights from the Erin Condren Workshop

Here are three highlights from the workshop:

1. The awesome space. If you haven’t had the opportunity to go to an Erin Condren store, you should. It’s colorful, inspiring, and an ideal space for stamping and crafting to happen. After all, it’s hard not to smile when you’re on a rainbow staircase with an amazing group of crafty women!

Highlights from the Erin Condren Workshop
Highlights from the Erin Condren Workshop

2. The incredible sense of community and positivity. We spent Saturday morning sharing the joy of stamping, planning and getting creative. We used the stamps in my collaboration with Erin, of course. In a world, where competition is so dominant, it’s an amazing feeling to come into a space where everyone gets to express themselves, there are no wrong answers or bad ideas– it’s just people putting themselves out there, trying new things and seeing what happens. It’s one of my favorite things to see how people inspire and encourage each other.

Highlights from the Erin Condren Workshop
3 Highlights from the Erin Condren Workshop

3.  Getting to see products being put to good use and all the amazing different ways people use them to make their own crafts! Also I’m seriously considering putting together a creative retreat so let me know in the comments where you’d want it to be held! I’ve also created an interest form you can fill out here.

3 Highlights from the Erin Condren Workshop

So many people reach out to me and say they aren’t sure where to start or what to focus on in their creative journeys. If you’re looking for more great ways to craft a life you love, the only signed copies of my book are available at Erin’s flagship store in Austin.

3 Highlights from the Erin Condren Workshop

It’s hard to not smile when you’re on a rainbow staircase with an amazing group of crafty women! It was such an amazing morning sharing the joy of stamping, planning and getting creative. There’s nothing like connecting in person so hopefully you can join on the Plannerland in Paradise Cruise in March 2020 that I’m excited to be a part of. Have you gone to a live event? Aren’t they the best? You can always see where I will be for events listed on the sidebar of the blog.

Photos courtesy of Thao Lou.

Oh Darling!


The best thing about attending the Darling Magazine retreat with Alaska Airlines in Maui wasn’t the incredible weather or gorgeous scenery. Those things were definitely worthwhile, too, but it was actually the amazing sense of community I experienced while I was there that took my breath away. All the women were focused on being present and mindful in the moment, which made teaching a little workshop even more special. As always, watching people get creative and crafty while in paradise. I love seeing what people do with different products and how they choose to express themselves creatively. We used a mix of my Shine On Collection and Sunshine & Good Times. We also used the Instax Share Printer so everyone had images to include in their traveler’s notebooks. All the attendees were given a copy of Craft a Life You Love in their gift bags.

One of the most memorable moments happened after the workshop was winding down. As I was cleaning up, a gentleman came to me and thanked me for asking everyone to close their eyes and go through the mindfulness meditation. He works at the Four Seasons and thought it was wonderful to watch and witness, since he so often sees people rushing around or on their phones constantly and being distracted instead of enjoying the world around them. 


You're Invited to a Fun-filled Fundraiser

Fun-Filled Fundraiser

Many of you comment on all the amazing events I am so blessed to be able to attend. That’s why I am so excited to show you the little invitation I made for City Year Los Angeles and to let you know that yes, YOU are invited. It’s not just good food, drinks, and awesome people. It’s also the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other people. The event takes place October 18, 2018 and if you’re in Los Angeles during that time, we hope to see you there. It’s a fun-filled fundraiser for City Year– a non-profit that sends hundreds of young people into at-risk public schools across the country. These individuals spend a year tutoring students (1-9th Grade) in English and Math, providing support as tutors, mentors, and role models.

Fun-Filled Fundraiser

City Year means a lot to me personally because I believe in the mission— to provide every child in America with a quality education and because JC actually served in the inaugural corps in New York City right out of college. More recently, my new assistant finished a term working with City Year in Los Angeles before joining me in the studio. The organization is all about positivity, making a difference, and bringing just a little more joy into the lives of others. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity when City Year approached me about designing the invitation for this incredible fundraiser. After all, how often do you get to create beautiful art for a company you believe in?!? So, what do you think of the invite? Will you be joining me in October? Let me know in the comments!

Queen Bee Craft Night San Diego!

Busy Bees Creative Crafting

If you've never been to a Queen Bee Market Craft Night (or any of their events, really), you might be missing out. It's a gathering of fun with creative ladies from all over coming together to spend time with one another and of course get their craft on. After teaching at my first Queen Bee Craft Night in Vegas, I was delighted when they asked me to lead the workshops in San Diego. It was such a gorgeous setting, produced by Mint Studio and a whole team of amazing people.

I had never been to the incredible Flower Hill shopping center and was blown away by all the cute shops, restaurants, and how kid friendly it was. Next time, we are definitely bringing Jack down.

Of course, one of the best things about my job is seeing what people do when they are creatively inspired. I saw so many women express themselves in beautiful, new, unique ways. Everyone’s work was so different and personal and meaningful to them. I shared my story with them in the beginning and then we worked on a variety of paper projects. 

Another thing that made the event so uplifting  was the village of incredible artists who came together to create the look and feel of it. The positivity and energy was so good, especially when we all came together for a beautiful group picture toward the end of the event! Everything from the cookies to the decorations to the goody bags was created by people with great instinct for art, color, and positive vibes. That definitely contributed to the event feeling special and amazing. You can also check out my vlog about the event on YouTube! So, what do you think was the coolest thing about this event? Do you feel inspired to attend a Queen Bee Market Craft Night? Let me know in the comments below!

Photos by Megan Ann Photography