Celebrating 8 Years of Craftcation

Craftcation Conference

Craftcation is always an incredible time. It truly is the crossroads of creativity + crafting + community + connection. The whole city of Ventura gets to feel the energy of creatives coming together to celebrate what they love to do. I get to teach classes, spend time with other creators, and build community with old friends (plus make new ones along the way). I didn’t realize this until I started putting the blog post together this time around, but I’ve been documenting Craftcation on this blog since 2013.

This year I got to teach three workshops including ones on how to make your own mini vision board and improve your hand lettering. I also had the incredible honor of giving the closing keynote on the last day of the conference. I’ve put together a two-part video (here’s Part 1) on the experience. Plus, if you have a little extra time and feel like venturing down memory lane, take a look at the highlights from past Craftcations. They’re all linked here below!

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I say this a lot, but one of the best things about crafting is the incredible community and the sense of togetherness I feel whenever I have the opportunity to go to one of these awesome events. Will you make it out to Craftcation in 2020? Or have you been to any of the ones in the past 8 years?

Craftcation Conference 2017

Hey friends - sorry for the radio silence. My dear friend from college got married and I got to spend some time with family and good friends in Florida. It wasn't all relaxing and chill though, as we have been working extra hard to launch our shop site and it should be live very soon! I am so excited to share the fun things we have been working on!


As you may know, I’ve been to every single Craftcation since they started and I’m always excited to go back. Each year it just seems to get better, even though it's hard to see how they could. I got to teach classes, speak on panels, and meet tons of creative people while I was there per usual. This time I even got to sign books and sat next to someone I was trying not to fangirl over!


The Blue Romper I am wearing and always get compliments on is on sale here!

Tag along on my trip and see what we made together in my latest travel video! You might even recognize some familiar faces in the crafting world including Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching, Twinkie Chan, and Robert Mahar

The dates for 2018 are up, so mark your calendars! 

Did you go to Craftcation too? Say hello in the comments! If not, tell me the last time you got creative with new friends.

Craftcation wrap up

Can't believe it's taken me this long to show you photos from Craftcation. It occurred to me while in Mexico City last month that things are pretty crazy around here and sometimes I don't get to post photos from the various events I do. A number of people I talked to at the event reminded me that I am way behind, that I didn't even share the photos from my class back in October 2014 for Hello Kitty Con! Oopsy! Well I have to admit, that while I am usually pretty good at taking photos, I am not always the best at putting together a blog post wrap up. I think that there is always a next project to begin or work on, so I am onto the next thing(s) and sometimes it seems too much time has passed to make it relevant. But this may be one of those better-late-than-never scenarios, so I'm just going to go ahead and share it anyway. Made the collages on PicFrame on my phone.

Craftcation Conference
Craftcation Conference
Craftcation Conference

As always, I had a total blast - this was my fourth year in attendance and the first year I got to take actual classes. And I was on a panel about multiple revenue streams. You can also see more photos from Craftcation Conference on the Dear Handmade Life blog. Can't wait until next year!

Craftcation Panel - Creating Multiple Revenue Streams

One of the best parts of being at Craftcation is being surrounded by like-minded creative individuals who share their knowledge about art and business freely. I had the pleasure of speaking on two different panels. The first one had a slideshow and key takeaways that I thought would be great to share here. The second was a little more low-key about the Ins and Outs of Production and had more of a Q&A aspect, without a slideshow. Jennifer Lee was the moderator for our Creating Multiple Income Streams panel, and I am not sure if an hour and half has ever flown by so quickly talking about business. Ana Spick of We Love CitrusDiana Fayt and I joined Jennifer on stage as she led an interesting discussion along with a super cute and informative slideshow she had prepared in advance. Though the people present at the panel probably got a lot more out of it than I can explain here, I asked Jennifer if I could share the slides she made with you all. And she kindly said yes. Hopefully you'll get something out of this if you are considering a side business, or want to diversify, or just want to look at some nicely designed and enlightening slides.

Creating Multiple Income Streams
Creating Multiple Income Streams
Creating Multiple Income Streams
Creating Multiple Income Streams
Creating Multiple Income Streams
Creating Multiple Income Streams
Creating Multiple Income Streams

If this intrigues you, you may want to check out Jennifer Lee's website and her bestselling book, The Right-Brain Business Plan - A Creative Visual Map for Success. She also has another book, Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way. Thanks Jennifer, for letting me share this!

Back from Australia for 3 days, now off to Ventura!


I got back from Australia on Monday and was pretty jet lagged for a couple days. For some reason, I thought it would be better to watch 3 movies and the first 5 episodes of Orange Is the New Black instead of actually sleeping on the red eye. I think I may have gotten a total of 45 minutes rest and could barely keep my eyes open most of Monday. Though it didn't stop me from working Monday afternoon (after a tiny nap on the sofa) and all day in the studio on Tuesday. Yesterday was extremely productive, though the to-do list remains extremely long. And today we're off to Craftcation! You can read all the posts from before about the awesome conference in my previous blog posts.

One of my favorite parts of being at Craftcation is meeting the amazing people. I met Tiffany Han years ago, and it was such a pleasure chatting with her on her podcast, Raise Your Hand Say Yes! Excited to give her a hug in person soon.

Jack and his airplane suitcase

Ok, some last minute packing and arrangements. Apparently Jack's all packed up and ready to go with his suitcase. Though he's an awesome traveler, I am SO glad we are not getting on a plane, and just piling the car up for our road trip to Ventura. ! I'll be Instagramming and posting on Snapchat (username: amy_tangerine) if you want to follow along. If you're at Craftcation, please introduce yourself. And if you're not, perhaps you'll consider attending next year!