little shop update

We've restocked the shop with 3 new Travel kits. We're using these fantastic new airmail and camera pouches.

The big Project Life giveaway is still open. And I am loving all the good stuff you are sharing!

Hi from the sky

Instead of working on this flight, I decided to play around with Skitch for iPad. It's free and has been entertaining me for at least 10 minutes.

You can even doodle on photos in your camera roll.

Miss you Bamboo and Mommy!
I am on my way to Pittsburgh via Atlanta and am excited for Chick-Fil-A in ATL and to teach tomorrow at Scrapbooker's Dream. Also excited that next week I will be launching some cute limited edition travel kits on my website.
It took me a while to realize I needed an app to blog from this device so I also got BlogPress for $2.99. It's a running joke, but I really do have to think about apps that cost money. Even if they are just 99 cents. As long as this post goes up, I would say it's worth every penny. Or all 299 of them.
- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad... Why are my pictures so small? Can any of you help?

digging these rules

found here. I'm doing number 5 on this lovely Sunday, hope you're doing one of the above too!

be the light.

Last year my one little word was "share". It turned out to be the perfect word. Ali's year-long One Little word class on BPC was great support (although I wasn't able to keep up with all the assignments, I can go back anytime, and the concepts and prompts are fantastic). More than anything, I carried my word "share" with me wherever I went. I shared laughter with family and friends, maybe even a few strangers. I shared my knowledge and ideas with American Crafts and collaborated on my first paper line, thus sharing those ideas with all of you. I shared meals, mementos and memories and had a magnificent time sharing every single moment.

This year my word is another 5 letter word: light.  (definitions modified from

1. something that makes things visible or affords illumination.

2. an illuminating agent or source, as the sun, a lamp, or a beacon.
3. the radiance or illumination from a particular source.

Looking forward to taking Ali's class again this year, lightening up while adding lots more light to life.

Happy New Year!

It's already well past midnight in Thailand. 2011 was pretty incredible, and I have no doubt 2012 will be as well. We're embarking on a very long journey (over 20 hours) home. Wherever you are in the world, hope you have the happiest new year ever!