Australia mini album part 01

It turns out that I am behind on sharing about a lot of big events - the Pre-Oscars event that we did in February, and my tour with Spotlight stores in Australia. The good news though, is that in reality, I don't feel too backed up on projects. Sure, there's a lot going on, but there always is. Fortunately, I've learned (and I'm still learning) to be present in the given moment. It can be difficult at times, especially when there is SO much going on and I feel overwhelmed and busy. There are so many things I want to share with you, but somehow composing blog posts and making videos can't happen when I think of the best things to say, usually on a run or in the shower. I decided to shoot a flip through of what my album looked like when I returned from the trip. Basically, it's a follow up from this video where I was trying to decide how to document my journey. I filmed it in one take, recording voiceover as I was flipping. Some edits were done after, but it was pretty minimal and the video didn't take me as long as it usually does to finish.

I altered an album that I didn't like the cover of with paint, stickers, and die cuts. Most of the supplies came from a mix of my Stitched and Rise & Shine collections. Hope you enjoy!



Just some pretty shots of my Stitched collection that Jamie took that I never shared with you all. This was my seventh collection with American Crafts. Rise & Shine is my eighth, and before leaving for Australia I wrapped my ninth, which will be released in August. I'm back in Utah kicking off the development of my 10th collection right now (SAY WHAT?!)! My, how the time flies. Stitched still remains a favorite for me, how about you? And if you have any ideas for what you'd like to see for collection number 10 - do let me know in the comments!

From start to finish Stitched layout

We've been trying to set up the studio in a way that I can shoot more videos of my process. I love seeing techniques and how other folks do the things they do in short, concise videos. My personal preference indicates that I probably have a short attention span, so I can't exactly watch a 30 minute video unless I am super interested in the topic, and that may even be stretching it a bit. My sweet spot is usually 5 minutes or less. But I tried to squeeze as much as I could into this video and make it as short as possible, and it came out to 11 minutes. I didn't time it, but I thing the total time it took me to make the layout was under an hour. To edit and do voiceover took about 2 hours (I know, I am so slow!), and this blog post has taken 30 minutes. Hopefully as I do more of these, I can find a better system and get faster at the process while still making something you all want to see. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


Supplies: Mostly from my Stitched collection | All Ready Memories washi tape holderTim Holtz Distress Paint in Cracked Pistachio | I used this watercolor set from Michaels, but found some alternative options - Colortopia Watercolor Set | this one | and this one | AHA Arts Moon Phases stamp set | Ranger Archival Ink Saffron | Ranger Archival Ink Viridian

So, dear readers, here is my question. What kind of videos would you like to see? Get detailed if you want, as we are hoping to post them onto my Youtube channel on a weekly (maybe even twice weekly) basis. Thanks in advance for your input!

New Year's Poppers by Shanna


What a year! Sorry it's been sort of quieter than usual around here. We are working hard behind the scenes to create a new website/blog design. Hoping it will be amazing and you will all come back and be a part of what we have in store in the new year. Thanks for helping make 2014 one of the best years yet! - Amy Shanna here! One of my favorite things to make for New Year's would have to be poppers! They are so fun, and easy to make and just help to make the night magical. Now you can get pretty creative on what to put inside these (candy, money, toys etc) but your basic supplies has to be LOTS of confetti! First gather all of your supplies! For my example I will be making basic confetti because that is OUR favorite...the messier the better!!!! I gathered some confetti stars, some fun die-cut words from stitched, plus one ribbon, and I cut out a bunch of "2015" words with my cameo. I measured a 10x9 piece of paper and rolled it up like a paper towel roll and simply tied off the bottom with my favorite plus one ribbon. From there you are simply going to throw all the fun bits inside.I decided it just was not enough confetti in there so I added a scoop of sequins in matching colors!Then all there is left to do is tie off the other end and add a fun sticker to the top!!! Hand these out to all your guests as the clock strikes mid-night and ring in the new year with a bit of extra fun this year!!!!!

How fun and festive! Thanks for sharing, Shanna! Other Design Team member posts can be found here. Shop for Amy Tangerine products at your local scrapbook stores and online at Simon Says Stamp and Blue Moon Scrapbooking and

Lucky Layout by Cathy


Hey guys! Cathy here and I am scrapping today about an old trip I did for my 30th birthday to Lake Tahoe. Stitched has the BEST combination of teals and corals, I swear, I can use this line for anything! That gold tiny staples from the Pink AC mini stapler are to die for. I seriously use them for everything!An older Amy Tangerine date stamp, but its so timeless! And you can never go wrong with the white paint speckles by Studio Calico.I really don't like my handwriting, especially since I can't write straight. Use a lined stamp to help you keep your captioning in line!

Thanks for stopping in! And I hope you are staying warm! Its 65 degrees here in Las Vegas!

This is so awesome - makes me want to get this style planner for next year - thanks for sharing, Cathy! Other Design Team member posts can be found here. Shop for Amy Tangerine products at your local scrapbook stores and online at Simon Says Stamp and Blue Moon Scrapbooking and