Spotlight Australia | Perth

This trip had me flying all over Australia, which I didn't mind one bit. To recap the 2013 tour, the first stop was Christchurch, NZ, then Brisbane, and then my first time to Perth, WA.  This photos are from the Midland store, where we had 2 sessions. I loved looking through Linda and Tracey's Project Life albums (but somehow didn't get any photos of them on my camera).1 2 3 4 5 6 7Then the next day we were off to Joondalup in the morning. 8 9 9a 9b 9cHere's a wrap up post by Melissa Shanhun 9dAnd because it was sort of on our way to Melville, we managed to sneak in a quick visit to Caversham Wildlife Park.IMG_0918 IMG_0920 IMG_092410 11 12Loved meeting all the awesome folks who came out to the Spotlight stores for the make and take!You may remember some of these photos from my Day in the Life post. Speaking of which, tomorrow I plan on joining in with Ali Edwards once again. My plan is to once again do it on Instagram and then perhaps include into my Project Life. It will be neat to simply document a "normal" day at home.

Spotlight Australia | Brisbane

It was an early morning when we left Christchurch. Upon landing in Brisbane, we headed to our hotel. The rooms were not ready as it was before 10am. After brunch, we went back in hopes of checking in and freshening up, but since that didn't happen, we got ready in the restrooms in the lobby and made our way to the Capalaba store. It was a full house - with some familiar faces and plenty of new ones. spotlight_Brisbane_spotlight_Brisbanespotlight_Brisbane1spotlight_Brisbane2spotlight_Brisbane3spotlight_Brisbane4spotlight_Brisbane5One of the funniest things happened at the end  when we asked someone to choose a winner for a big prize, and she ended up drawing her own name. Her dad even caught the priceless moment. Too precious.winnerThen we headed to the Indooroopilly store and met with a couple of the awesome staff members before settling into the appearance. spotlight_Brisbane6spotlight_Brisbane7spotlight_Brisbane9spotlight_Brisbane9aspotlight_Brisbane9bThe next day we headed up to the Gold Coast to the Kawana Waters store.SPT_BNE SPT_BNE1 SPT_BNE2 SPT_BNE3 SPT_BNE5Loved seeing some of the same ladies who came last year to a different location. Once again we were off to another location with just enough time to get lunch at KFC. Yes, in fact, Kentucky Fried Chicken.SPT_BNE6 SPT_BNE7 SPT_BNE8 SPT_BNE8a SPT_BNE8b SPT_BNE9 SPT_BNE10 SPT_BNE11 SPT_BNE11aAli brought her awesome Project Life album and it was a delight to flip through. You can see her wrap up post of the visit on her blog. SPT_BNE12This may have been the only photo Eva and I got together. She was an amazing traveling buddy (and driver!) the entire time and kept this pregnant girl on track and schedule. And she definitely made sure I didn't go hungry. Did I mention that a small lunch at KFC cost $29 for the 2 of us? Apparently fast food isn't quite as cheap down under as it is in the States. We ended our Brisbane adventure with a fantastic meal at cru bar + cellar. And we made a mental note to ourselves to carve out some free time on the next visit to wander the neighborhood a bit. Not too bad for 48 hours - thanks so much to everyone who came out!

Spotlight New Zealand

Really enjoyed the first stop on my tour with Spotlight, Christchurch, New Zealand. I've tried numerous times to put the visit into words, but feel it's best to just show the 2 store sessions through photos for now. spotlight_chch1spotlight_chch2spotlight_chch3spotlight_chch4spotlight_chch5spotlight_chch6spotlight_chch7spotlight_chch8spotlight_chch9spotlight_chch9aspotlight_chch9bspotlight_chch9cspotlight_chch9dspotlight_chch9espotlight_chch9fThanks to everyone who came from near and far!

Day in the Life - May 1

When I awoke at an hour I shouldn't have, I saw on both Ali's and Elise's Instagram feeds that they were doing #dayinthelife. Decided it would be fun to join in. Here is how my day in Perth played out.3:00am - woke up and could not go back to sleep. Decided to stay in bed and get some work done. 7:44am - breakfast in bed | also thankful to have fallen back asleep for a few hours. 8:17am - made some fancy coffee. (Yes, my doctor says I can have a cup a day - just not to exceed 200mg of caffeine a day)8:35am - off to Spotlight with driver extraordinaire Eva Daly8:40am - on our way to Joondalup. (Spotlight store visit not photographed on my iPhone, but on my camera.)

12:00pm - Caversham Wildlife Park - "What do you mean we can't stay here all day?". I seriously loved hanging out and feeding the kangaroos and joeys. Cute overload.12:20pm - apparently it's exhausting being this adorable 4:05pm - And that's a wrap! Thanks so much to all the Spotlight stores and people who came out! 5:03pm - got to Fremantle and ordered a Choc-A Block per Emily's recommendation. It was so windy (and maybe I am a bit clumsy) that the first one spilled so I had to take a photo of this second one. Delicious in case you were wondering.5:45pm - dinner is served. And I am the only preggers in the Monk Brewery, but there are a ton of kids. Food is excellent.6:33pm - got to the car with 9 minutes to spare. So glad we got this little visit to Fremantle in. Less than 20 minutes back to the hotel.7:19pm - kicked off my shoes (alternated between pairs today) and am so happy to be barefoot and back at the super comfy Mercure hotel room.8:11pm - trying to stay up until at least 9, but far too tired to pack. Will regret it tomorrow morning, but I'll get over it. 8:37pm - can't stay up a second longer. Loved documenting today for #dayinthelife - hoping I sleep as well as these 2 joeys.

Happy National Scrapbooking Day

NSDtagIt's not just on this day that I reflect on how my life has transformed thanks to this wonderful hobby/addiction/job, but I really feel grateful every single day for it. For the friendships made near and far and for feeling inspired not just today but every day of the year. Though I still wish there was an alternative word we could use for scrapbooking, I also know that it doesn't really matter what you call it, as long as you enjoy it. Two Peas In A Bucket and Studio Calico are both doing really fun things no matter where you are in the world.BHGcollageI'm still in Australia enjoying the end of the Spotlight tour. I'll continue to spend the weekend at Better Homes & Gardens Live. So thankful for this unique and amazing job. You mean being surrounded by creative people with a strong sense of business is what I get to do for a living? Awesome sauce.

I've met so many crazy talented people along the way and this trip is certainly no exception. Hope you all are enjoying the weekend and celebrating by scrapbooking it or making the memories that will get documented later. I'll be doing both. XO!