Design On Time 02, featuring Audrey Woollen from Urbanic

As you've heard mentioned on this blog numerous times, Urbanic is one of my favorite stores. So when the owner, Audrey Woollen agreed to be on this week's episode of Design On Time, Jamie and I were thrilled. Our producer advised her to challenge us with items we normally wouldn't use on our scrapbook layouts. She chose twine, confetti, and mini clothes pins, and you can watch below or click here to see how we made these items work.

When we developed Design On Time we had three goals in mind (1) inspire our community to "make stuff and make stuff happen" (2) share the joy we feel when we are crafting - even when we only have 15 minutes to do so (3) boost our rap careers. Okay, if you've watched the first two episodes all the way through you've no doubt seen us rap, I'm sure you'll agree our rap careers may be a long shot, but judging from all the wonderful feedback and comments posted to our youtube account, we feel like we have accomplished the first two goals!

For all of you who asked, here are last week's finished layouts, which have also been added to the original blog post.

Design On Time layouts

And here are this week's finished layouts.

Design On Time layouts

Thanks again to this week's guest challenger, Audrey Woollen. For those who haven't visited Urbanic Paper Boutique in Venice, be sure to check it out. Such a cute store and I love her blog too!

Last but not least, Nina Christensen, you are this week's lucky YouTube commenter, we've made you something special. Email us for details!

And for all those who missed Kelly Purkey's challenge, you can find it right here

Thanks again for tuning in, if you like what you see, want to see more or have an idea for a future challenge, be sure to leave us a comment here or on YouTube!  And if Design On Time has inspired you to make something this week, please share your work with us using the hashtag #designontime.