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Let's Start Today | Amy Tangerine

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There’s no time like the present to set intentions and begin living the life you’ve always wanted. Sure, most people waited until the beginning of the year to make resolutions that will likely have already gone to the wayside by now. And if you’re one of those people, that is totally ok. We have all been through that. I used to make grand changes at the start of a birthday or new year as well, only to be left feeling discouraged and disappointed. Changing my outlook and the way I set my goals has allowed me to not only achieve them, but to also create a meaningful life with less stress and more hope for the future.

Looking back on the habits and practices that have helped me along a path to aligning my visions to create my best life, I have witnessed a through line that has become evident and clear. When I dove deep years ago to uncover my purpose and calling, to make the world a better place by doing what I love and embracing my creativity, I didn’t think I was quite ready to take on the huge task of immediately living on those terms because it felt like an uncharted path. It was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time... In times of introspection and through journaling, I was able to bring clarity to specific areas of my life that were truly important. I began with those areas and asked myself to honestly answer the questions that helped give direction to my creative journey. I even shared my personal and professional struggles in my self published book, Craft a Life You Love, which then got picked up by a major publisher. I developed exercises for self-care, positive mindset and the simple ability to make things happen and the evidence was shown that big goals are achievable when you put the work in.

Throughout my life, I have found that there are three areas where I need both stability and freedom to grow: 1) My family 2) My finances 3) My dreams. As long as those three things are in order, I know I’ll be able to tackle any challenges or changes that come my way. Finding harmony more-so than balance has become a priority. While all three of these categories are important, finances can be particularly tricky because everyone’s journey with money is a little different and it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. Thankfully, there are a number of awesome resources available. No matter where you are financially, it’s never too late to start setting smart, attainable goals for yourself. I recommend that you take some time to write down your dreams, plans or goals—no matter what they are—and then focus in on key areas where you need the most growth. Maybe all of this seems completely overwhelming.

I recommend looking at LetsStartToday.com for a wide variety of resources that can help you along your journey. Perhaps start with one of classes provided by State Farm, especially “Budgeting 101” if you really don’t know where to start. In the course, a State Farm agent and financial coaches even talk about how goal setting is one of the most important things you can do to get your money matters in order. You could even begin by writing down one little thing you can do to get you closer to where you would like to be.

Plans change and life can be full of unexpected twists and turns, so having these key areas in focus, and being intentional about doing something each and every day to bring happiness and harmony, gives me a sense of well-being.

I’ll dive deeper into each of these areas and share the key questions I ask myself in a blog post next month. 

This post was sponsored advertising content by State Farm - Here to help life go right.®