Last week in my Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Throwing it back to last week in my bullet journal. Had to add Oprah's speech from the Golden Globes to the Love List too after taking this photo. If you missed it, definitely watch it and here is the full transcript of her inspiring and powerful words.

This weekly vertical format is what I think I will do for most of January. It did take quite a bit of time to put together, which is motivating in the beginning of things and can be hard to sustain for someone like me. For those asking if I will put together a video, I will likely do a flip through and insights into what’s been working. Going to do a currently list (like I used to do on this blog) about once a month. Thanks for all the suggestions on what to do at the bottom - turns out it’s easy to maintain a weekly habit tracker. What’s your favorite thing about your planner and what system works for you?  

Supplies: Journal (in Emerald) | Tombow markers and pens | Amy Tangerine goodies from Sunshine & Good Times, available soon! Learn to draw florals with this Floral Doodle book I highly recommend