Australia books


Hello from Sydney! JC, Jack and I are really enjoying ourselves. Jack was a total champ on the 15 hour journey, especially once he figured out that we were actually supposed to sleep on the plane, not just eat and play with our toys (the window shade counts too because lowering it and raising it is such fun for a 1.5 year old)!

Before the trip, I wanted to figure out how to approach the travel journal that would be best for my fourth visit down under. I didn't make one for my second time in AUS, but I did find the one from my first time, which was right after graduating from college. I also found the moleskin one from 2013. Thought I would walk down memory lane and also do a flip through of the books so you all could have a look too.

Just a reminder, here is my schedule for the Spotlight store visits! 

We will be doing fun make and takes and I am so looking forward to meeting you! If you are planning on coming, please feel free to bring projects you have made with my products. Seeing what you've done with my ranges (collections, as I usually refer to them) is one of the best parts!