Rainy Day experiments


For days, the weather forecasters have been warning us that it would rain. The chances were 100% yesterday, in fact. But somehow I was in denial and I thought it wouldn't really rain ALL DAY. I had grand plans of getting stuff done in the studio. One of those things was photographing a couple projects using my Silhouette. After working on other projects that didn't require photography, I took a little break and snacked on some Snapea Crisps. Why are those things so delicious?! Then after about 15 minutes, I was super motivated to make something work so I went ahead and decided badly lit photos taken with my iPhone are better than no photos at all. So apologies, but I did my best with the grey skies, pouring rain and light bulbs in my studio. Hope you understand! I really wanted to work on my December Daily album, even though the day wasn't over. I'm determined to stay on track and carve out 15-30 minutes a day on it. The time includes the printing of the photos, gathering of the supplies and a decent amount of documentation with journaling, if possible. So yesterday, I set up the designs I wanted to cut out with my Silhouette. Yes, I am still using the SD even though I have the Cameo sitting in a box. I plan on opening it soon! And here's how my crafty time came together.Journaling can be added to this card later.Here are some photos (apologies once again for the weird lighting going on)...And because I couldn't leave well enough alone (what is it about rainy days where I am inspired to do a bunch of stuff that should be done when it's sunnier out?!) I even experimented with a super simple little video. Just a warning, it was me holding the iPhone in my right hand and flipping through pages with my left hand. One take, people. Just wanted to see how it would turn out. Not incredibly thrilled with it, but it was quick. And I am still thinking about making videos and posting regularly on YouTube.

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