Pulling wardrobe

XCVI inspiration wall | Amy TangerineAnytime I need something to wear for television (HSN this time, TBS last time), I seem to call on my favorite person in fashion, Randa. After having her own line for many years that sold to Anthropologie and hundreds of other retailers, she now works at Trend Chasers. It's headquartered in downtown LA as part of XCVI. It's an awesome company where dozens of brands are based and it's quite fun to do my shopping with them. I was surprised to see Charlotte Tarantola there because her old studio used to be down the street in Culver City. As soon as I saw this wall, I knew what I wanted to wear. Charlotte Tarantola | Amy TangerineBut then Charlotte herself pulled out another colorway and I couldn't decide. Thankfully, she let me take both. Charlotte TarantolaI browsed some more before trying everything on. Then we took a walk around the factory - it's great to see so much being manufactured locally. Charlotte Tarantola | Amy Tangerine Charlotte Tarantola | Amy TangerineDSC_3358 DSC_3359 DSC_33552DSC_3384Jack also got to make the rounds and make everyone smile.1DSC_3389Thanks Randa and Charlotte! Here's the look pulled together with an American Apparel tank top, Robin's Jeans. and a necklace I picked up a couple days before the shoot from Strands of Sunshine in St. Petersburg. You can look for the sweater (exclusively at Nordstrom) this fall!Amy Tangerine | HSN