Day in the Life - May 1

When I awoke at an hour I shouldn't have, I saw on both Ali's and Elise's Instagram feeds that they were doing #dayinthelife. Decided it would be fun to join in. Here is how my day in Perth played out.3:00am - woke up and could not go back to sleep. Decided to stay in bed and get some work done. 7:44am - breakfast in bed | also thankful to have fallen back asleep for a few hours. 8:17am - made some fancy coffee. (Yes, my doctor says I can have a cup a day - just not to exceed 200mg of caffeine a day)8:35am - off to Spotlight with driver extraordinaire Eva Daly8:40am - on our way to Joondalup. (Spotlight store visit not photographed on my iPhone, but on my camera.)

12:00pm - Caversham Wildlife Park - "What do you mean we can't stay here all day?". I seriously loved hanging out and feeding the kangaroos and joeys. Cute overload.12:20pm - apparently it's exhausting being this adorable 4:05pm - And that's a wrap! Thanks so much to all the Spotlight stores and people who came out! 5:03pm - got to Fremantle and ordered a Choc-A Block per Emily's recommendation. It was so windy (and maybe I am a bit clumsy) that the first one spilled so I had to take a photo of this second one. Delicious in case you were wondering.5:45pm - dinner is served. And I am the only preggers in the Monk Brewery, but there are a ton of kids. Food is excellent.6:33pm - got to the car with 9 minutes to spare. So glad we got this little visit to Fremantle in. Less than 20 minutes back to the hotel.7:19pm - kicked off my shoes (alternated between pairs today) and am so happy to be barefoot and back at the super comfy Mercure hotel room.8:11pm - trying to stay up until at least 9, but far too tired to pack. Will regret it tomorrow morning, but I'll get over it. 8:37pm - can't stay up a second longer. Loved documenting today for #dayinthelife - hoping I sleep as well as these 2 joeys.