be the light.

Last year my one little word was "share". It turned out to be the perfect word. Ali's year-long One Little word class on BPC was great support (although I wasn't able to keep up with all the assignments, I can go back anytime, and the concepts and prompts are fantastic). More than anything, I carried my word "share" with me wherever I went. I shared laughter with family and friends, maybe even a few strangers. I shared my knowledge and ideas with American Crafts and collaborated on my first paper line, thus sharing those ideas with all of you. I shared meals, mementos and memories and had a magnificent time sharing every single moment.

This year my word is another 5 letter word: light.  (definitions modified from

1. something that makes things visible or affords illumination.

2. an illuminating agent or source, as the sun, a lamp, or a beacon.
3. the radiance or illumination from a particular source.

Looking forward to taking Ali's class again this year, lightening up while adding lots more light to life.