4 simple goals

Following Elsie's lead with accomplishing 4 simple goals before 2011, here are my 4.
1. Finish reading 4 books, which will make a total of 12 for the year.
2. Get massages every other week. I have way too much stress in my shoulders and the doctor has recommended this, and who doesn't want to do just what the doctor tells you?
3. Eat more vegetables & fruits and consume less junk food.
4. Do another charity event or 2 like this one:
Grateful for the various opportunities that present themselves, I had the pleasure of organizing one of the crafty tables for a wonderful Starlight Children's Foundation event. Hundreds of families were invited to a "luau" where kids and parents enjoyed plenty of delicious food, fun games and activities and plenty of goodies to take home with them. My mom and I volunteered our time and provided supplies to the kids so they could make scrapbook pages to remember the day. The parents also made cards for the generous hosts of this event. It was heartwarming seeing so many volunteers come together on a gorgeous summer day for a great cause.You may recognize one of the smiling faces...

Looking forward to reading other simple goals- enjoy the weekend!