if i could turn back time...

I would have posted this yesterday, since that's when Candace was featured and the premiere of Season 2 aired from SIStv! Better late than never, so here's the scoop...

I love a daily dose of sunshine... The Bright Side Project brings it in such a fresh and fun way, and today has spotlighted one of my favorite jewelry designers, Candace Ang. She makes amazing pieces and even did a little tarot card reading for me recently.
Not to be missed, this great new format for the webisodes from ScrapInStyletv!
Love the illustrations and seeing Phoenix's little pigtails, they are just the cutest!

And tomorrow, my friend David Sullivan will be the one possessed by demons on CBS's Criminal Minds.

Here's my horoscope for the day (I'm a Libra) and I just thought it was interesting because it's rare that it's so "right on" with what's going on, I had to share:
The planets are moving you into a new cycle, amy. Soon you will be in a new chapter of your life story. You will have to take stock of what you have learned in previous weeks. Who you are is related to the degree of peace you have in your life and whether or not you have been able to resolve some conflicts. Did you learn your lessons well? Without a doubt, you have a gift for calming tense situations.