some things to do...

do yoga on the beach.
have a bath.
eat breakfast by the beach: bacon, eggs, hash browns, pineapple, watermelon, lychee, cheese, croissant, and strawberry yogurt.
drink guava juice with breakfast.
journal and make some art on the beach.

do cartwheels and get your hair wet with ocean water.
take some photos that make you smile.
lay in a hammock.
enjoy a BLT with french fries for lunch on the beach.
make some more art.
go kayaking in the Indian Ocean.
soak in a tub filled with the freshest herbs.
get a 1 and half hour thai massage.
play a little volleyball.
do another few cartwheels on the beach.
lay on bean bags on the beach.
read some Sark.
Live an extraordinary life.

I'm back from an amazing trip to Thailand (I enjoyed Krabi so much!)... now it's back to work in the office. Happy Halloween everyone!
(Thanks Kari for the photos!)