You've got questions, we've got answers!

Where do you find inspiration? The world around me.

How do you do it all? Trust me, I don't. But according to my cousin, I have a ridiculous amount of energy - far more than a normal person. I also have an awesome team of people - a really awesome team - it takes a village! I'm a Libra so the delicate balancing act of life is something I am constantly trying to achieve. And I am doing my best to prioritize, focus, and really be clear on my choices and decisions.

How did you get started scrapbooking? I've always been a big fan of photos and collaging and journaling. I officially fell in love with scrapbooking supplies after walking into a store called Sweetpeas & Snapshots in 2007 (which sadly closed shortly after). I took a mini book class from Emily Falconbridge. She complimented me on my tee shirt and I loved her scrapbook style. We became friends and I taught her my reverse applique technique. She would give me the scrapbook supplies she didn't want any longer and I've been hooked ever since.

What kind of camera do you use? Honestly, most of the photos I take are on my iPhone 6. My DSLR is a Nikon D90. It is several years old, apparently this D7100 is a similar updated version. My favorite lens is 50mm 1.4. It was recommended to me by many photographers, including Jamie Waters. She takes many of the photos you see on this blog. She shoots with a Canon.

How do you shoot your videos? At first I used my iPhone, but as of May 2015 I have been using this Canon G7X. I made a video all about shooting videos here, and all the gear is listed in the description box.

What are your favorite supplies?  This watercolor set by Artist's Loft is my favorite to use for scripting but I found some others here and here. I use a Royal 2 brush when writing my quotes with watercolors. I recommend just practicing and trying out different brushes to find what best works with your style. I started using a Tim Holtz water brush and I love it. CHECK OUT THIS UPDATED BLOG POST FOR ALL MY FAVORITE SUPPLIES AND WHY I LOVE USING THEM.

How do you print your photos different sizes? My simple solution is to use the PicFrame app on my iPhone to get multiple photos onto a 4x6. I use the 2:3 ratio, usually putting 2 photos side by side. Then I save and send to my wireless printer.

What kind of printers do you use? If I am in the studio, I use an Epson XP-950 Wireless Color Photo Printer. I can take this Fujifilm Instax Share SP2 anywhere I go. I also love the HP Sprocket. You can see a thorough video review on my favorite pocket printers here.

Where do you get photos developed online? Persnickety Prints 

What did you get your college degree in? I studied Industrial Design at Georgia Tech but then transferred after 2 years to pursue Fashion Design & Marketing at AIU in Atlanta.

What nationality are you? I'm Chinese. My parents were both born in India. I was born in Chicago, IL.

I'm coming to Los Angeles, can you recommend some of your favorite places? Sure - check out some of these blog posts. I will work on a better city guide though. My favorite places to take friends from out of town is Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice. Great shopping, restaurants, galleries and overall good vibe. Plus super close to the beach. I also love Santa Monica. Culver City downtown is awesome too. Man, I really do need to make a new blog post with updated recommendations.

Is JC's real name JC? Yes. They are initials but that's the name he has been going by since he was born.

Where are the thin gold rings you wear in your videos from? I got them from this Etsy store in smooth finish.

Where can I purchase your book? You can find Craft A Life You Love on Amazon