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amy tangerine ginko papers

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you know I love cute things. Especially when they are stationery/paper related. I think it goes back to my childhood and various obsessions, including the normal stamp collection and not so normal Post-It note & eraser collection. Oh and there was also the mechanical pencil collection. Now as a grown up, I have a bit […]

Oh For Cute…


A squirrel washi tape holder? Yes, please! This little guy is joining my camera one, which sits on my desk permanently. Cute Tape sent a delightful package of goodies… stamps, mt casa washi tapes and my favorite white pen.Because I didn’t have an actual project in mind for the mt casa tape, I just stuck a strip underneath the Kal Barteski piece made from vinyl. And […]

Currently obsessed with Sakura Lala

You know how there are some things you don’t think could get any better? Like washi tape, for example? I mean, I have amassed a ridiculous amount of the sticky stuff and still cannot get enough of it. And just when I thought I was tapering off adding to the collection, in comes camera shaped washi tape! And it’s sold through a brand new online […]

Washi Wheel

Amy Tangerine | All Ready Memories Washi Tape Carousel

The love for washi tape lives on. My collection is not growing at such a rapid pace anymore, which is just fine. Though I love the washi tape holders from All Ready Memories, this new washi wheel has become a favorite. My friend Kara was in town last month and helped me get some of the rolls out of their plastic containers and organized onto […]

major washi love

washi-tape-holder yes please

As you probably already know, I have a slight major obsession with washi tape. The craze has been around for a few years and still seems to be going strong. The collection has grown significantly since this video was made last year. It’s a little out of hand, but I like it. And the fact that I think I have finally found the perfect way […]

SC Roundabout step out – hello melbourne


The Silhouette got a lot of use this month. The digital cut files are out of this world and so easy to use. I could have easily made a dozen layouts with the Roundabout kits from Studio Calico, but I was out of town for much of May. Actually, I spent every single weekend away from home. One of them was at Camp Calico, where […]

A simple wedding card

abby&thomas card

Usually the day before leaving on a 6am flight, I come up with all kinds of ideas and find the uncontrollable urge to make something. This used to happen the night before, but apparently I have become a bit wiser with age, giving myself a few more hours to pull something together. I realized that I hadn’t gotten Abby & Thomas a card yet, so […]

Process: Sunshine Rays for Studio Calico Layout

Amy Tangerine - Studio Calico Tutorial

Sometimes when I sit down to make a layout, my initial vision for the project morphs into something even bigger and better than I could have imagined. That’s exactly what happened for this layout that I created for Studio Calico’s November Main kit, Sock Hop. At first I thought I wanted to create a rainbow effect around a sun with Mister Huey, but let’s be […]

hello adventure pocket book


This little notebook was sent to me by one of my creative partners, Baum-Kuchen. It’s aptly named, Kangaroo Notebook, because all the pages are made up of pockets. Clever, right? Well the notebook is now available for pre-order (and these cute pockets for pre-order). They were so kind to send me the horizontal sample to play with in advance. I kept it simple and used new […]

washi addicts unite


As you all probably already know, I have been suffering enjoying this addiction for a few years now. The collection has grown quite vast, and I find great pleasure in using it on all kinds of projects. I got some of the newest designs from one of my favorite online retailers and made this in my Martha Stewart notebook. Freckled Fawn carries a delightful selection of […]