33 While 33


With each birthday, I find myself reflecting on the previous year, usually in awe of how quickly it flew by while somewhat saddened by how old I am getting. Part of the journey of aging is to appreciate truly living. Making these lists of accomplishments – some small, some big, make me feel a bit more at ease as I get whisked into blowing out […]

fabric + paper love


While in New Zealand for Spotlight, I met so many lovely ladies, some who even brought projects they had made with my products. One in particular was a wonderful lady named Lisa. She showed me the amazing daybook she created for her daughter’s 8th birthday.While flipping through it, I noticed that in one of the photos her daughter, Georgia, was wearing a camera tee. Turns […]

you rock.

Will never tire of seeing projects made with our products. Thought a little round up of projects that have caught my eye lately would be fun. You can click on the images to be taken to where they were originally posted. Love seeing photos of your projects popping up from all over the world. If you happen to post any photos with our products on […]

let’s face it.


If you bring your baby to meet me, more than likely I will voluntarily hold them for perhaps longer than you (or they) would like. (Luckily, they tend to like the funny faces I make.) And if you decide to put one of my stickers on their heads, I will squeal in delight and take photos since it’s absolutely adorable. It’s all totally appropriate, especially […]

Spotlight Australia + St. Kilda

Needless to say, I am loving it down here in Australia. I explored St. Kilda a bit on my first day here. It was gorgeous and the weather was quite pleasant, though a bit windy. Digging the public transportation here, I took the tram back to my hotel just in time. 5 minutes after I got into my room, it started pouring down rain. Apparently […]

Teaching at Oh, Scrap

Amy Tan at Oh Scrap

Last month I had the pleasure of teaching my minibook + film canister class at Oh, Scrap in Costa Mesa. It’s always nice to support a local scrapbook store as they are (unfortunately) far and few between these days. The class went off without a hitch and my students were lovely, as always. Here are a few photos from the day:During the class, my mom […]

What a Hoot

We loved seeing these fun owl gift bags made by Laurel Lane using our Sketchbook papers. She shares her inspiration and process on this post. And she even made an 8X8 mini album of her daughter’s first year. Thanks for sharing your creative projects with us Laurel. How clever and cute!

Hello Card Video

Today I am excited to show you another video tutorial that we recently put together. As I said before, I am by no means a great cardmaker, but sometimes it’s fun to make something quick and easy. For this card, I really wanted to play with the new Hero Arts’ Shadow Inks – they’re so much fun! Plus they pair rather nicely with the watercolor […]

May gardeners’ digest


A layout including stamping, sewing, stickers, Instagrams and of course washi tape. Some stellar layouts in the gallery. Here are some projects from those taking my Collect & Create workshop (click on the layouts for more detail and info): 1. 12X12 D-Ring album – I should probably avoid choosing an item from my own collection, but I truly love this album. And after receiving many […]

Make and Takes X 2


A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing make and takes at two wonderful events. The first was by the extraordinary Kim Caldwell. Her events are beyond amazing, and Affaire At Tiffany’s was no exception. It took place at the Hotel Belamar in Manhattan Beach and I didn’t take nearly enough photos. And yes, you are seeing it correctly. Every single one of […]