My thoughts exactly


Got a good laugh from this when I saw it on Pinterest and thought you all might too. Well done, Drew Ellis. Now, back to work.

5 for Friday – Jan 24


1. Saw this quote floating around Instagram and felt the need to write it down. But I was away from paper, so I took a screen shot of it and then when I got to my little notebook, I jotted it down yesterday, which coincidentally was National Handwriting Day. 2. Love the new show Broad City. Almost exactly a year ago, we were fortunate enough […]

Just a thought


Why wait for the new year for resolutions? Make positive changes now. Love this sign as we were exiting the Brentwood Lululemon store today. We continue to have family and friends in town. Will resume to regular blogging soon. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

Five for Friday

Cut & Paste mini book

1. Some of the Garden Girls at Two Peas made me the cutest mini book. Many of the supplies come from my latest collection Cut & Paste. So many handmade touches and details put together perfectly so I can easily slide photos into it. Very excited to get my next order from Persnickety Prints to start filling it up.2. Not that I have a whole […]

Monday Musings

This photo was taken on my iPhone yesterday on my due date. No, I am not sad, I just look that way when I don’t smile. Actually we are all really happy right now. Buster is still extremely cuddly, the baby seems to be in no hurry to make his entrance, and JC and I are just enjoying this whole nesting thing. While I could […]


Thanks for all of your sweet comments about the move. Ironically being pregnant is probably helping to keep me grounded and as level headed as possible. I am trying really hard to relax and understand that this is just a fleeting moment. No sense in getting the blood pressure up when this is all going to work out just fine. The only thing I want […]

basketball diaries

It looks like I’ve got my big basketball and he has his little one.I asked my mom to snap some photos in her backyard last week and naturally the doggies had to get in on the action. Week 34/35 bump (and life) update: Everyday for 2 weeks now the little guy has had hiccups. Sometimes it happens even 2-3 times a day. I have been […]

New rules

rules of a creator's life

You may remember these rules I posted a while back. Well, Tanner Christensen kindly sent me a note saying he put up new Rules of a Creator’s Life:Download the printable PDF, share with the fellow creatives in your life, and don’t forget to get back to making.

currently on 6.19


Digging: the fact that we finally closed on the house we have loved since we first saw it in mid-March! YAY Not Digging: the fact that the previous owner left a bunch of trash by the garage and took out a bunch of things he wasn’t supposed to, like light fixtures and switch plates. He also left the bonus room reeking of smoke. Don’t even […]