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Playing catch up

Project Life by Amy Tan

In case you missed the last Project Life video I made for Two Peas In a Bucket, here it is. Week 15 | Copyright Two Peas In a Bucket. It was fun mixing manufacturers and adding an artsy touch. I got home from Australia on Monday morning and 48 hours later I am already on another airplane. Staying in the country this time, but traveling […]


amy tangerine Project Life on HSN

I have to admit it’s pretty surreal seeing my Project Life spread on Thanks to Instagram, I was alerted when JasmineMarie posted this photo with the caption, “I can’t even explain how excited I am right now for #projectlife. Eek! @amytangerine and @chiaotan, I see you on TV!” So the next thing I had to do was get my tush off the sofa (I […]

Project Life : Week 1

First, I must thank you all for your kind words about the announcement of my new book. So exciting that some of you already have it, and for those who don’t, it’s easy to order an autographed copy online! They should also be on newsstands any day now – check with your local scrapbooking stores as well as Archivers’, Joann & Hobby Lobby. I have […]

Project Life – Two Peas


Delighted to be a part of this new video series at Two Peas In a Bucket. Each Saturday there will be a new Project Life video from one of the Garden Girls. In the first video of this series, I show how a spread of a trip came together. I used photos printed by Persnickety Prints, Design E and Design A of these Project Life […]

PL creative team & a manifesto

You may have already seen the news on Instagram or on Becky’s blog, but I thought I would also share it here. So excited to be a part of this group of talented ladies. I love Project Life and stuck with it for the first 6 months of 2012. You can see all my posts here. Since my schedule got a bit crazy with travels, […]

Project Life Australia

AT in QLD 1

How cool is it that Beth finished her Project Life spread the night of my Morayfield Spotlight visit? Rather embarrassed to admit that I am still working on uploading photos to my computer from my trip. She is a huge fan of Project Life as are so many of the ladies who came to the store that day. They even have a group called Project […]